My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 186 … Ride out the storm!

stormy seasI had an epiphany of sorts today! It occurred while I was listening to a spoken word poem by blogger James Fielden. I was connected to James by another blogger, Michelle Marie. I realized while listening to James speak that I want so desperately to recover my health and put an end to the symptoms I’m experiencing, I’m not allowing myself to fully engage in the experience, and in so doing, likely perpetuating it. It’s like the sailor who wants the raging storm to end, The storm is going to end when it ends, not because he wants it to. Desperately wanting the storm to end adds to the level of stress.

I realized that if this was a pleasant experience I wouldn’t want it to end. Rather, I would want it to continue. I guess this is human nature!

It’s perfectly natural to want an unpleasant situation to cease, but we are best served by focusing our attention on the matter at hand and giving thanks for a prompt return to peace and calm … or in my case, good health.

I have been given this health condition to experience as part of my journey in the flow of life. No matter how badly I want it to come to closure, it will do so on its own good time. In the meantime, my role is to experience, learn, set my intention, allow things to unfold as they are meant to and share.

The sailor and me, we need to surrender!

Have an awesomely accepting!


8 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 186 … Ride out the storm!

  1. Hi Fred wow I’m so happy you visited James blog! I think his poems and also the guided meditation is wonderful!
    Fred today I was listening to Gamgaji about Love and acceptance and there was a woman with Lyme disease talking and she said her body could eventfully become completely disabled and in that moment and facing the truth of the end of this disease she was able to open to love! When she stopped fighting and surrendered like you said!
    I will share that I too have several illnesses and have experienced a lot of healing! My grind Laurie helped me a lot!
    I’m not sure what will happen next but it’s okay and I’m okay! Let me get that link for you so you can listen! It’s so beautiful! 😄

  2. Here’s the link about Love and Gratitude whoops I guess I heard acceptance! I know what it’s like to struggle with my mind so I hope and pray you find peace and rest! Be blessed Fred! Michelle!

      • OH yay! Me too! I must have listened to that particular part 20 times. Also she has a radio broadcast and there is a clip from that session about healing and the body mind! Here it is if you liked that listen to this it’s only 30 mins! Hillary talks about being diagnosed with the unthinkable. I spent one entire day listening to this! I found a lot of peace from this!

      • Gangaji seems to be all about embracing all experience within the love that pervades all that is. Sort of like living in spiritual consciousness! What a different planet this would be if we all did so!

      • Yes she is and also Mooji is much like this! laurie when I First met her had such a different way of looking at all that shows up in that she holds everything that presents itself! She has two books I’ve been helping her illustrate and I cannot wait for them to publish so she can share this healing gentle way! When I read what you said about these triggers that set things off for you I so identified with this! I am much like this and looking at them is painful but not in a bad painful way but a good painful way because it brings true transformation! Plus I stopped trying to get it whatever that is! 😄I’m laughing at myself because I’m analyzing right now! I used to joke that there was a fight going on in my brain I believe this is so true for many! I think it is good to stay in a safe place for awhile! That is where I am now! Just resting here! Have a gentle day!

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