My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 185 … 3 More Things That Mess Me Up!

Gampo_AbbeyAs a follow-up on my most recent post  about calming the mind as well as something I wrote in June about four things that really mess me up, there are three specific situations that seem to exacerbate the symptoms I experience.

Situation #1:

Back in early May, I noticed that long drives of an hour or more were starting to affect me. Around that time, I did a trip to Muskoka [1.5 hours], Toronto [1 hour] and Manitoulin Island [6 hours], and the day after each trip, the symptoms I experience, including loss of balance, freezing, slowness of movement, rigidity and shuffle walking were all considerably worse. Every trip I’ve taken since has had the same affect.

Situation #2:

A few days ago I had a very intense, emotional phone conversation just before going to bed and the next morning my symptoms were worse than usual.

Situation #3:

Then last night, I watched the Toronto Blue Jays playoff baseball game against the Texas Rangers. The Jays were facing elimination and I felt considerable tension throughout the game and experienced much worse symptoms afterwards.

Three different stressful situations, each involving noticeable physical and mental tension, all resulting in more intense symptoms. This clearly demonstrates the importance of eliminating stress and getting the body out of the chronic fight or flight response so that it stops producing adrenaline and starts producing dopamine. It highlights the critical importance of calming the mind to enable the body to heal. I need to go live in an ashram!

Actually, what I need to do is create an ashramic mindset [this makes perfect sense given that I’m not really in a position to spend a year or two secluded in retreat], by living in acceptance, trust and faith. I will also do my best to minimize my exposure to stressful situations and maximize the time I spend in silent solitude. Not easy to do, given that I’m running my own business and constantly being dogged by hidden, unconscious detrimental thoughts.

As I said, I’ll do my best!

Have an awesomely relaxed day!


15 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 185 … 3 More Things That Mess Me Up!

  1. Yes. We both working on creating and recreating a peaceful mindset. Hard at times…feels easy at others…always a focus for me. Lots of love Fred on a beautiful windy spring day in New Zealand.

  2. Hi Fred
    Believing and trusting God can give the kind of peace we need.
    I’m doing breathing exercises that help. Also, watching your words and thoughts – making sure that everything is positive – helps too.
    Be blessed!

  3. Fred – this might help more than the You Tube for the Zhineng QiGong. Master Mington Gu has free items on his site. He offers 2 books, a practice CD; and then a 5 minute look at another :). One just has to create an account

      • Great Cam 🙂 and several have reversed the symptoms of Parkinson’s with Master Mington Gu. If you check out his name on You Tube you will find a lot of information and testimony :). It helps me A LOT and I should do it every day :). I have taken his online classes – just the initial ones so I could understand the Lift Chi Up/Chi Down Exercise. It covers all the meridians and brings balance to every system. I would prefer to be physically in his class but cannot afford it so online worked for me and gave me some good connections 🙂 and a good solid practice.

        These positions were created originally by Dr. Pang who owned the Medicineless’ Hospital in China that is written about in the book called 101 Miracles. They had 98% of all disease reversed before the Chinese shut them down and he had to basically go into hiding. I think that was in 2005 or 2006. Mington learned from Dr. Pang 🙂 so we are lucky.

  4. Hi I hope you don’t mind my visit but I saw your comment on Windows of wisdoms blog! I had to see and read! May I ask have you tried surrendering to those thoughts that cause you to fight? I ask this because recently I’ve been working with a dear friend and one of the areas I have been working is these thoughts that you speak of! I can’t say I’ve mastered anything at all but my thoughts don’t drive me crazy anymore! I don’t know how it happened but I wanted to share my friends blog just in case you may find peacefulness! Her name is Laurie the first time I read her heart poems they resonated with me and over the months She has helped me calm my mind I just thought you might like to see for yourself! I never do this actually I was moved by your comment!
    Blessings on your day Michelle

    • Thank you so much for your suggestion, Michelle, and for the link to lauriesnotes. I have to admit, letting go of the “hidden” thoughts that are linked to unconscious beliefs has been a real challenge for me. They keep coming up in everyday, sending me into intense symptoms. I’m using a combination of my healing prayer, laughter, meditation and practicing spiritual consciousness to dissolve them, but it seems like a never ending endeavour. So I’m open to anything, because this, I believe, is my ultimate challenge in recovering my health! Cheers! Fred

      PS .. Even replying to your message has triggered something! Interesting!

      • AWE I’m so sorry for that! You know I’ll just be blunt about my health issues and also my daughter! She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 2 and thyroid disease also has a blood clotting issue called Factor 5 Liden. Managing my stress and the level of care it took made my mind split in two it seems. I was this hyper vigilant mom with thoughts that raced and I raced to keep up with them. Fast forward 19 years and she’s 22. Here I am still with these same racing thoughts and at 38 my body was diagnosed with the same exact diseases. What’s the odds of that? So my point is that these thoughts are so so powerful. I know they are. They seem to cause a chemical reaction because speaking for myself I’ve given them reign in my life! So Laurie helped me so much! These little heart prayers reach deep and I can’t explain it! Here is an example from my heart prayer card she sent me.
        The Power of Pure Love
        I believe in the power of pure love and transformation. I choose to follow the path of my heart and stand in the fire of my soul!
        So what I do is I read this several times and keep it in front of me. I let it sink in! These are heart prayers to our hearts from God I believe. I can’t explain it any other way then this! I hope this helps you Fred. If I can help you please let me know! I don’t know what I could do but it seems I have been able to overcome these powerful thoughts. Just now…not here but something happened that caught me off guard and I was physically shaken. I saw your comment back and immediately when I centered myself the shaking stopped. My hands were shaking I was so upset instantly by something someone said hurtful to me. As I’m typing I am calming down just sharing this with you! The power of pure Love that I believe Laurie is sharing is powerful! I hope that made sense and I hope your triggers calm soon! Oh here is a another wonder man that reads his prayers maybe you would find comfort in listening as well. Oh wow he posted a new one I’m going to listen right now!

      • Thank you so much again for this Michelle! I dare say that as a child, my heart was broken, so this could be a very helpful tonic! Wishing you many blessings! Fred

  5. Dear Fred:
    I have been following you for a while now. I had Cervical Dystonia and I have found your blog very inspiring. I needed to find a place were people believe in the possibilities and solutions instead of living the problem. I found it here with you and your commenters. In the last 4 months this is what has changed: First I went on retreat at the Lake Shrine in Los Angeles, second: a month long liquid fast: third: I gave into to getting some botox in my neck (which I have since cancelled bc I don’t need it). fourth: Wayne Dyer’s Wishes Fulfilled and the story of the Bells Palsy patient that was cured by believing. Fifth : I am healed. I am spasm and pain free Sixth: In the process of almost signing up for SSDI I found a person who recommended The Egoscue Clinic: Seventh: I went to the Egoscue clinic Eighth I AM HEALED AND MY BODY KNOWS IT. Thank you for believing in your own recovery so I could believe in mine

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