My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 181 … Nevertheless!

wilma rudolphThis morning, I watched American pastor Joel Osteen. The theme of his sermon was, “Nevertheless!” No matter how dire the situation, nevertheless, it can get better!

Osteen spoke about a passage from the bible of how Peter had spent the night fishing with no success, despite fishing in places where he knew there were fish. The next morning, completely discouraged, he returned to shore. There, he was told by Jesus to go back out and he would catch plenty of fish! Peter thought it a waste of time. Nevertheless, he believed in Jesus, so he went back out and as Jesus had promised, he caught a boatload of fish!

I have my own versions of nevertheless! I’ve been told that I have a progressive, degenerative, incurable disease! The medical community, my neurologist, my family doctor and even the Michael J Fox foundation agree with this synopsis. Nevertheless, I believe the human body is capable of recovering from anything! If it can heal a cut and a broken bone, it can heal a neurological condition. And so, I focus all of my energy on recovering my health!

In the past two years, three new martial arts clubs and a huge gymnastics center have opened in the town where I teach karate. What is more, the town has opened a huge recreational center offering many different programs to kids. As a result, enrollment in my karate club has dropped significantly! Nevertheless, I believe very much in the style I teach and I believe kids can benefit greatly from both a self defense and a self esteem standpoint.  And so, I enthusiastically teach my program!

I recently had a falling out with my publisher and as a result, have pulled my book from distribution. I have also written three other manuscripts that I put on the backburner while I focus on recovering my health.  Nevertheless, I believe these books were divinely inspired and meant to help people! And so, I will keep them on the backburner for now, with the intention of getting them published at a later date!

You may have heard about Wilma Rudolph, an American Olympian. She was born in 1940 and experienced infantile paralysis, polio and scarlet fever during her childhood, leaving her with a twisted leg which required a leg brace and years of therapy. Nevertheless, she loved athletics and eventually discarded the brace and took up basketball in high school. There she was discovered by the University of Tennessee track and field coach and went on to win three gold medals at the 1960 Olympics in Rome!

For the past year and 1/2, I have been in the throes of fear on a daily basis! It has been intense and at times, very frustrating! Nevertheless, I believe this fear has a purpose, and that is to guide me to self love and spiritual consciousness. And so I accept it, trust that it is meant to be and have faith that I will overcome it!

There’s so much to be said about attitude and for me, having an attitude of nevertheless is an essential part of my recovery strategy! If it’s good enough for Peter and Wilma, it’s good enough for me!

Have an awesomely nevertheless day!


6 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 181 … Nevertheless!

  1. Your positive attitude and outlook on life is amazing Fred….I whine and complain about my aches and pains, but your courageous battle with Parkinson’s inspires me. It makes me realize that my little problems are nothing compared to yours and other facing this disease. We have known each other almost 50 years, and I will pray for you to beat this disease and still be teaching Karate 20 years from now!!!!!

    Thinking of you
    Your Friend
    Paul Dinnage

    • Thank you so much Paul! We all have our challenges don’t we? For me, so much of it has to do with acceptance of my situation, trust that my life is unfolding way it is meant to and having faith that I will be okay! Cheers brother! Fred

  2. I love this ‘nevertheless’ philosophy Fred. It’s the best way to respond to difficulties really and still takes such courage and indomitable persistence. That’s what sorts out people who succeed in making the most of every moment really. Whether they have this attitude or not.
    I’ve just seen the charming movie ‘Iris’ about one of your American fashion icons. A 90 year old woman battling away magnificently and looking magnificent while she is. What spirit! I hope you get to see that movie. All I saw was a lovely spirit reaching out to everyone around her, and handling a great deal of worry and pain while she enjoyed change and challenges and interesting people.

  3. I am inspired by your continual positivity. Adding ‘nevertheless’ to one’s thinking is an excellent philosophy. I know it is not the same disease process but my mother was crippled with arthritis for much of the last twenty years of her life. ‘Nevertheless’ she remained active in the community right up until the very end (and even when she was fading with terminal cancer). Most of the people she interacted with on a daily / weekly basis would not have even known that she was in constant pain.
    good on you for having such a ‘I will not be defeated’ attitude.

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