My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 179 … Rocking … A balancing technique!

rockingOne of the reasons I chose a natural approach to recovering my health, rather than taking medication, was to see what I could learn from trying different techniques and approaches to healing. It has paid dividends because I’ve learned a great deal!

For instance, I learned a couple of years ago that when I bounce a ball while I’m walking, I tend not to shuffle walk so much. I also learned that when I toss a ball back and forth from one hand to the other while standing, my balance is fine. Similarly, when I practice Qigong, my balance is fine.

Today I learned something new again! When I gently rock back and forth, shifting my weight from my left foot to my right and so on while standing in one spot, my balance was fine. Even a slight rocking seemed to work well. This is awesome, as it will help me enormously at karate where I have to stand a lot watching students perform their techniques [and where tossing a ball back and forth isn’t exactly practical]. It will also help me when I’m standing having a conversation with someone or standing in line at the bank, which I quite often find challenging.

It’s ‘AHA’ moments like these that make experiencing a neurological condition kind of an adventure and not so scary! It helps me deal with it in a more constructive manner!

Have an awesomely rocking day!


12 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 179 … Rocking … A balancing technique!

  1. I have the same while walking with a tennis ball, it greatly helps my gait, I never leave home without it. About walking, do you know the story of John Pepper from South Africa? He sort of overcame PD by mental practice and exercise. Mr Pepper wrote a book:Reverse parkinsons Disease and has a website (Reverse Parkinsons), I just received the book. Mr Pepper is now 80 years old. He is currently visiting Europe to give lectures aout his way of dealing with the symptoms.

    • Thank you for this Hans! I’m waiting to read The Brains Way of Healing, in which John Pepper is featured. I’m interested to know more about his exercise program because intense exercise tends to have an adverse affect on me.

      • Were all different in this respect. Have you seen the youtube videos of Neil Sligar? After being diagnosed in 1998 he went on a intense workout program. He is now fitter and stronger than most “healthy” men of his age. Mr Sligar is now 69. Anyways, Im reading John Peppers book and if theres anything new training wise Ill let you know.

  2. Hello Fred. I have been reading your posts for a while, since my father has ended up with PD. Do you have any tips on where we can start for the natural approach with him?

    • Thank you for your message! I would begin by encouraging your father to eat natural, organic foods. A high fat diet with lots of coconut oil works best for me. I would also encourage your father to read Robert Rodgers book, Road to Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease. I would also encourage your father to begin practicing Qigong and meditation. It is very important to calm the mind and minimize stress.

      The key to recovery, is to return the body to homeostasis. This requires a healthy diet, detoxification, exercise, the elimination of stress, and for me, dissolving fear. It was also very helpful for me to know that this condition has a purpose and that was to lead me to spiritual transformation.

      I hope this has been helpful!

      • Thank you so much! I will get to all that for him starting tomorrow and order the books. He is losing his balance a lot and no coordination in his hands.
        Thank you again for your tips and your blog. Have a blessed day!

      • My pleasure! Balance is my biggest challenge as well! Practicing qigong really helps, As does tossing a ball back and forth between my hands while standing still, or simply rocking back and forth with my feet shoulder width apart. Cheers! Fred

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