My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 178 … Practicing Spiritual Consciousness!

purpose - lifeIn two recent blog posts, I talked about spiritual consciousness. I believe it is both the purpose of and the solution to the neurological condition I’m experiencing, and thus, my new focal point.

Actually, I find it interesting how my recovery protocol has evolved and expanded since being told that I had this neurological condition. When first diagnosed in 2008, I thought I could heal myself simply by dissolving the unresolved emotional pain at the root of the condition. In 2010, I learned about the importance of bodywork, so I added it. Then in 2013, after learning about the importance of healing the gut, strengthening the immune system, unclogging the lymphatic system, eliminating inflammation and alkalining the body, my priority switched to detoxification and my diet. At that time, I converted to a high fat [ketogenic] diet. Last year, after experiencing panic attacks and learning that fear is at the root of my condition, I set about overcoming it, Then I learned about how two Americans had recovered their health practicing Qigong, so I started practicing it. And now my focus has switched [evolved] once again.

In a nutshell, spiritual consciousness means knowing that there is a higher intelligence [God] which pervades everything and that we are spiritual beings living in oneness with this higher intelligence and all that is. But it is more than a mental construct. It is an awareness, a ‘Buddha-like’ state of being. It is experience itself!

I’m no expert in the field of spiritual consciousness. Heavens no! I am somewhat of a novice. I understand it, conceptually, but it is not yet a way of being. Although I am much more at peace, I still find myself getting angry and feeling like a victim from time to time, which I guess, makes me a work in progress. An enthusiastic work!

Like anything else, it takes practice. Eckhart Tolle suggests practicing inner awareness. This is done by focusing your attention on a specific part of your body and feeling the aliveness that exists there. You might for instance, feel a tingling sensation. This is the ‘God-energy’ that permeates all matter.

Here are some other things I practice:

  • Meditation
  • Qigong
  • Spending time in nature
  • Focusing on my breath
  • Laughter
  • Being kind, grateful, forgiving, etc.
  • Singing and dancing
  • Asking myself, ‘What would someone who is spiritually conscious do in this situation?’

Trying to overcome fear, which is what I have been doing, is akin to a dog chasing its tail. Given my fearful nature and multitude of fearful experiences, it has proven to be a fruitless, never ending endeavour. Whereas, spiritual consciousness overcomes fear and brings me to my ultimate purpose.

Have an awesomely spiritually conscious day!


8 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 178 … Practicing Spiritual Consciousness!

  1. I am reading by Dr Joe Dispenza his “You are the Placebo : making your mind matter” and hoping the ideas will help my situation for which there is no successful treatment.

    • What condition are you experiencing Frances? With any condition, the key to recovery is returning the body to homeostasis. This means healing the gut, restoring the immune system, unclogging the lymphatic system, eliminating inflammation and alkalining the body. This is accomplished mostly through a pure, healthy diet, detoxification, gentle exercise and the elimination of stress.

      I hope this helps! Blessings on your journey!

      • It seems that Lyme disease is commonly misdiagnosed as parkinson’s. I still believe though, that regardless of the condition, the objective is to return the body to homeostasis, primarily through a healthy diet, detoxification and the elimination of stress. Good luck with your recovery and have an awesome day! There is purpose in our challenges! Fred

  2. Hi Fred,

    This book and Dr. Henry Wright – the author – tells us about the emotional and spiritual roots or causes to our diseases. In other words, there are reasons why we are sick. The answers lie in what we think, how we behave and what we believe.

    There are many books and teachers that believe the same thing. But I got so much from this book and the things Henry taught me.

    These teachings literally saved my life.

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