My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 177 … A new way of looking at things: overcoming detrimental beliefs!

bodhi treeThe purpose of this blog post is to set the record straight … for me! You see, I was raised to understand life in certain ways and this understanding led me to develop a whole raft of detrimental beliefs, which have caused me considerable suffering and are at the root of the neurological condition I’m experiencing. I was also raised in accordance with strict rules and expectations, much of which was based on this understanding, and failure to follow these rules and meet these expectations was often dealt with in quite a harsh way, causing considerable emotional pain, much of which was never resolved.

While I am not alone in my experience, it is I who must resolve [or should I say, dissolve] the beliefs I have developed, because it is I who is experiencing discord due to their presence.

I don’t consider myself a victim. Certainly not on a conscious level. Rather, I’m a participant in the flow of life, experiencing life in my own unique way, and part of this experience has involved some unpleasantness in order for me to become spiritually conscious. The challenge for me is that while I now have certain understandings on a conscious level, I continue to be sabotaged by the more powerful beliefs I hold on a subconscious level.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, the American developmental biologist best known for promoting the idea that genes and DNA can be manipulated by a person’s beliefs, says that 95% of what goes on in our lives is determined by our unconscious thoughts. He says that our unconscious beliefs will trump our conscious thoughts and beliefs every time. And therein lies my challenge. While I have learned much about the truths of life and have developed a certain understanding, it is the beliefs I hold at the subconscious level that are continuing to have a more profound effect on me. This is because, according to studies, 90% of our beliefs are formed by the age of seven, and much of this is influenced by our parents. Dr. Joe Dispensa, an American neuroscientist and chiropractic, says that when we have a thought, a neural pathway is created in our brain and the more we think the thought the more it becomes a belief and we can be affected by it without thinking about it consciously. It’s like learning to ride a bike. At first we have to think about it. Then eventually, we learn to ride the bike without thinking about it. What is more, the more we ride it, the more we learn to believe that we can do so without being hurt. When we are young children, we are more prone to believe what we are told, especially if it is our parents who are telling us. If a young boy is told that he is a bad boy, and he is told this frequently, it doesn’t take long before he believes it.

Every day, I find myself in a state of fear. I can tell because I have a noose-like feeling around my throat and I have intense symptoms related to the neurological condition I’m experiencing [trembling, loss of balance, raspy voice, clenching in my left hand]. This has been going on since last September, and when I say, ‘noose-like’ feeling, that is exactly what I mean. It literally feels like a noose around my throat. It’s weird! Detrimental beliefs are at the root of this fear: the belief that I’m a bad boy who deserves to be punished, that my self-worth is based on what people think of me, that I’m a failure, that I can’t do anything right, that no one will ever love me, that I’m inferior, that I’m a victim, that I am inadequate, etc.

Clearly the universe [God, my soul], wants me to understand this, and I believe, find a way to overcome it. To do this, I have to create new beliefs and practice them over and over until I believe them without thinking about them. According to Dipensa, if we replace an old thought with a new one, and if we stop thinking the old one, eventually, the synapse connecting the neural pathway of the old thought will dissolve and it will no longer affect us, and we will start being affected by the new thought.

What then, are the new thoughts I want to think? What are the new beliefs I want to create? Well, if I could do it all over again, this is what I would have wanted to have learned as a young child:

  1. There is a God and this God pervades everything. This God is everything! It is a universal energy and it is pure love!
  2. Because this God-energy is in everything [is everything], I am in effect, God, or at least I am part of the God-energy. I, too, am pure love!
  3. The power that is God is in me!
  4. God does not judge, condemn or persecute. God is accepting. God gave us free will to live in a manner of our choice in order to understand how we would choose to live . We can live joyfully or not. We can live peacefully or not. We can live lovingly or not. We can live compassionately or not. Etc. However we choose to live will have outcomes for us and those we interact with.
  5. All of our experiences have a purpose and that is, in part, to help guide us to an understanding of who we truly are and why we are here on the planet. Further, we decide on a soul level a general outline of our journey, the souls we will interact with, who will be our parents and so on.
  6. Fear and other forms of emotional pain are a necessary part of the journey. It is okay to feel them.
  7. All experience, both pleasant and unpleasant, is necessary and natural.
  8. We’re all spiritual beings, living in oneness with God, participating in the flow of life. Each of our experiences are unique and none of us are better than any others.
  9. A great deal of life is about potential: the potential for happiness, good health, prosperity, adventure, etc. If we have a good attitude, healthy beliefs and a zest for adventure, we can realize this potential!
  10. Lack of success [what we often call mistakes or failures] is okay. It is a necessary part of the learning process.
  11. I’m not a bad boy who deserves to be punished. Nor is my self worth based on what people think of me. I am not a weakling, inadequate, unlovable, unworthy or powerless. These are judgments created by spiritually unconscious thinking. I am simply an aspect of God participating in the flow of life.
  12. When I am an alignment with God, when I am living with acceptance, trust and faith, my life is awesome and extraordinary things happen to me.
  13. The only thing we really have control of is our attitude and doing our best in the present moment.
  14. I will always do my best to have a good attitude
  15. I will always do my best to be kind, compassionate, accepting, grateful, forgiving, caring, loving and helpful.
  16. I will always do my best to act with integrity
  17. I will always do my best to be healthy foods
  18. I will always do my best to take care of the planet

My plan is to retrain myself. Just as I learned to play the guitar, by learning the chord formations and playing them over and over again, I will repeat these affirmations until they are ingrained in my belief system and the old detrimental beliefs have dissolved. This, I believe, will dissolve the fear I’m feeling and set me on the road to recovery!

Have an awesomely affirmative day!


11 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 177 … A new way of looking at things: overcoming detrimental beliefs!

  1. Wow Fred, can really hear your heart in this… We never know the why and your outlook is spot on. I wish you so many blessing on your journey and I know you are touching people in sharing your heart, journey and wisdom. You are a big impact on my journey.

  2. Fred, do you know about FasterEFT? Go to, and do their free 7 day tutorial, then you can tap along with their 900 videos on youtube for free too. Or work with a practitioner. So far they have no Parkinsons reversals, BUT they do have stopping progression (at least as far as all the senoir practitioners I interviewed at my Level 1 training. Dave and Kim Ryder have worked a lot with Parkinsons. I think FasterEFT is an AMAZING way to impact the subconscious. I also attended a Dr. Joe Dispenza talk recently. There is a woman who has been doing his workshops who has fully reversed her Parkinsons, including tremor. He is definitely using some qigong-like techniques in his meditations. I imagine you know “You Are the Placebo”. hmmm….also, you likely know Zhineng qigong, and Bianca Molle’s reversal, and the reversals that occur at Mingtong Gu’s retreats. I witnessed many people having radical symptom reversal at a 28 day retreat this spring. I love your blog! I am just digging into it and sharing it with my Dad who has Parkinsons, but who so far refuses to take up the good fight. Thank you so much for all you do and blessings to you for healing in your own good time! xoxox! elizabeth

    • Thank you so much Elizabeth! I’m familiar with all the people and modalities you mention. I do incorporate EFT in my protocol and I will check out FasterEFT. I hope your dad is doing well!

      Cheers for now!

  3. Again I was struck by your willingness to open up and be vulnerable for everybody. Im too in the process of repeating those new beliefs. Hardwiring them in order to erase/ dissolve the old inproductive thought patterns. I so would like you to experience some symptom relieve. You deserve it! Your my hero!
    Best wishes,

  4. wonderful post, FRED , am currently going through a break in my loving relationship, and this has brought depression
    an increase in symptoms such as stiffness,
    these are the tests that I have to overcome

    • I’m so sorry to hear that Jimmy and I hope you’re doing well. What helps me at times like this is remembering that spiritual consciousness is about accepting the present circumstances, trusting that our life is unfolding the way it is meant to and having faith that no matter what happens we will be okay.

      Wishing you well!

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