My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 173 … What is Spiritual Transformation?

forestI have been asked, what is spiritual transformation? My answer is this. It is the process of becoming spiritually conscience. Buddhists refer to it as enlightenment. It’s when we begin to look at life differently. When we no longer see trees, as simply trees or people as simply, people. It occurs when we understand that there is a reason for our ‘being’ and that there is a reason for suffering.

Spiritual consciousness, I believe, is the ultimate purpose of life itself. It is the reason we’re here. It is the reason we experience hardship.

Becoming spiritually conscious begins with awareness. The first awareness for me, was when I discovered that God, or the universal intelligence that created the Universe, really does exist, although not in the manner that we have generally been taught to believe. God is not some sort of all powerful celestial being that lives up in heaven, reigning over the Earth, judging us, condemning us and persecuting us. Rather, it is an energy that pervades everything that exists. For me, understanding that God is IN everything [in fact, god IS everything] was a major ‘aha’ moment. What really helped me understand this, was to think of God as a lake. A lake is the sum total of all the water droplets in the lake. Without the droplets there would be no lake. God is the same thing. God is the sum total of everything that exists. [for a deeper understanding, I suggest you read Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch or the book I wrote, The History Teacher.]

The second awareness was when I understood that we are not separate from God. Because this divine energy is in everything that exists, we are part of it. And so, we are all connected. We live in Oneness with God, each other and every other thing in this universe. This was significant to me in that knowing we live in Oneness means I would never want to harm another creature because I would also be hurting myself.

The third awareness was when I realized that we are not simply human beings. We are actually spiritual beings, here to discover the truth about ourselves. Again, understanding this was very meaningful to me, because it told me that the power that is within God is also within me.

The fourth awareness was when I learned that we’re here to let go of fear [and anger, shame, guilt, grief, bitterness, hatred and so on], in order to free ourselves of the destructive behaviors that are rooted in fear so that we can live in acceptance, trust and faith, the hallmarks of enlightenment. This helped me understand why I developed a neurological condition, because fear is at the root of this condition. My higher self really couldn’t be any more obvious to me.

Spiritual consciousness might be best understood by considering it’s characteristics. What happens to us and how exactly do we see things differently? When we begin to enter this state of being we find that we are more at peace, more loving and more joyful. Things that used to bother us … that angered us … don’t, so much. We are more patient and kind. We live in gratitude and forgiveness. It means we spend more time living in the present moment, rather than worrying about the future or fretting about the past. On a more esoteric level, it means dissolving ego [habitual negative thinking] and letting go of our inane pursuit of wealth, power and fame in place of more meaningful pursuits like love, compassion, acceptance, equality and wisdom.  We endeavour to live in harmony with all that is, and we understand that things don’t happen to us. Instead, they happen for us … for our spiritual growth … and this takes us out of victimhood.

What causes us to seek transformation? For some people, it comes from a sudden epiphany, resulting from a traumatic event, like a near death experience or some other form of extreme adversity. For others, it may come from a direct communication from sources of higher wisdom. For most, including me, it seems to be a gradual, step-by-step process following a long period of suffering, because suffering causes us to search for reasons why. It prompts us to yearn for something better … to end our hardship.

If you are experiencing a neurological disorder [parkinson’s] or any other health condition, you are a lightworker, on a journey of transformation, here to bring more consciousness to the planet. Your soul is communicating to you, through your body, to become conscious of who we really are and why we’re really here, in order to transform fear into love and create heaven on earth.

Once you embark on your spiritual journey, there is no turning back. When you know that we live in Oneness and when you understand our spiritual nature you cannot return to the old way of seeing things, no matter what challenges come your way. You may have moments of impatience and worry, but more and more you will find solace in consciousness.

Have an awesomely conscious day!


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