My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 171 … What helps me!

Cooks BaySomeone asked me recently what specific things I have found helpful on my journey with a neurological disorder, both in terms of minimizing the symptoms I experience and eventually leading to my recovery. This is what I listed:

  • Walking [joyful exercise is so important for achieving and maintaining good health. I love walking and I feel great when I do so. I also do a lot of healing and problem solving on my walks. I walk almost every day]
  • Qigong [Qigong helps promote positive energy flow in and around the body. I feel great when I am practicing. When I found out about Bianca Molle and her complete recovery, which she attributed to an intense Qigong practice, it was a no brainer]
  • Martial arts [I love training in martial arts. Again, it makes me feel good]
  • Fat smoothies/High fat diet [I noticed a significant difference in my health last year when I switched to a high fat diet. The symptoms I experience were far less intense. I am convinced, although I have no scientific proof, that a high fat diet is best for recovering from a neurological condition. Smoothies are my favorite way to consume fat]
  • Coconut oil [I have no experiential proof of the benefits of coconut oil, but in my mind, it is highly beneficial and I believe the research]
  • Magnesium [stops me from becoming constipated]
  • Natural Factors Stress Relax Serenity Formula [adrenal supplement. Helped me overcome panic attacks]
  • Rescue Remedy [a Bach flower essence] [calms me when I’m feeling anxious. I love the stuff!]
  • Bodywork [within six months of beginning Body Stress Relief therapy in 2010, the trembling I was experiencing was reduced by 75% and it has pretty much stayed at that level]
  • Pushups [keeps my upper body strong]
  • Wall sits  [keeps my legs strong]
  • Stomach crunches [keeps my abs strong. This helps me get in and out of bed]
  • Exploding hands exercise [helps offset clenching and immobility in my hands]
  • Knee raises [helps keep my legs strong and offsets loss of mobility]
  • Focusing on my breath [helps keep me in the present moment and brings me peace of mind]
  • Practicing living in the present moment [puts me in a joyful state]
  • Spiritual practice [puts me in a joyful state and helps me understand the purpose of my condition]
  • Reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle [the most important book I have read. Helps me understand the purpose of life]
  • Watching Teal Swan videos on Youtube [helps bring me spiritual growth, peace of mind and understanding of how to dissolve fear]
  • Youtube [so many funny and spiritual videos. Awesome for healing!]
  • Laughing [counteracts stress and helps alkaline my body]
  • Interacting with kids at karate [keeps me in a joyful state]
  • Getting 7 – 8 hours of sleep [I simply feel better]
  • Laying on the floor [keeps me in a joyful state and I experience very little trembling]
  • Sitting in silence [brings me peace of mind]
  • Grounding [I feel better when my bare feet are on the ground, especially when I’m doing Qigong. I feel more relaxed and my symptoms are less severe]
  • Walking the labyrinth [brings me peace of mind and amazing insights]
  • Living on the lake [puts me in a joyful state of mind]
  • Swimming [great exercise and puts me in a joyful state of mind. I love it]
  • Sitting with my feet in the water [brings me peace of mind] 
  • Self talk [an effective way to dissolve fear and keep me in a positive state of mind]
  • Prayer [helps me to dissolve unresolved emotional pain and keeps me in a positive frame of mind]
  • Blogging [puts me in a joyful state of mind. I love helping people]
  • Optimism & belief [I like to think I’m an optimistic person. It is so important for healing. I just don’t believe that parkinson’s is incurable. I believe anything is possible, including recovery!]

And perhaps the most important factor, has been Mari. I don’t know where I would be without her suggestions, support and encouragement. It is so important for me to have someone in my corner cheering me on and kicking my butt when I need it!

These are all the things that I feel are helping me manage my condition and eventually recover my health.

I would love for everyone to share the things you do.

Have an awesomely effective day!

24 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 171 … What helps me!


    • I typically stand in a horsestance [feet spread apart, knees bent] with my hands resting on my thighs in clenched fists. Then I throw my arms up in the air and shoot my fingers out as fast as I can. I rock from side to side while I do it. I also like to yell, hallelujah! It’s an awesome exercise and it makes me feel joyful.

      I’m not familiar with DAT scans. What are they?

        Dr. Beck: DaTscans cannot diagnose Parkinson’s disease. These scans are used to help a doctor confirm a diagnosis. DaTscan has been used in Europe for over 10 years, where more than 300,000 have undergone the procedure. The results of a DaTscan can be used to help rule out other diseases that may have similar symptoms, like essential tremor, especially for individuals early in the course of their disease. However, there are several other diseases, multiple system atrophy (MSA) or progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), which can also produce a loss of dopamine in the brain. A DaTscan cannot differentiate between those diseases and Parkinson’s.

      • Thank you for the explanation Nancy. Interesting that my neurologist has never suggested it. Because I am taking a natural approach and have no plans to take medication, I wouldn’t plan to do the DATscan. I feel very confident that I have a neurological condition of some sort, based on the symptoms I experience, but regardless, my strategy is to return my body to homeostasis in order to restore my health. I hope this helps! Cheers! Fred

  2. Hi Fred
    Much of what you do, I do too.
    For chikung, I so the “stamding like a tree” exercise building up to 30 mins sranding. I also do swinging arms chikung, building up to 30 mins also. Theres anecdotal evidence of people getting symptomatic relief/ healing from these exercises. But you know all of that. Mindfulness sitting helps too. I recently purchased “Smoveys”. These are handheld fitness devices which were developed by a Swiss tennis teacher with PD. They help me swing my left arm which is sometimes very weak and trembly.Google them! I also like to sit on a vibrating plate. It relieves lots of stifness and tremoring. Also I wanr to have a mini trampoline. Lots of people have very good results by genrly bouncing up and down.
    Best regards

    • Thank you for this Hans. As you are probably aware, Bianca Molle and Howard Shifke fully recovered from PD by practicing Qigong. Bouncing on a trampoline apparently helps stimulate the lymphatic system which is critical for returning the body to homeostasis. Cheers! Fred

      • Fred. Denise,
        I have the Smoveys for two weeks now and used them dailey. The smoveys also called vibro rings ( or something like that) are plastic tubes shaped in an oval. There are small metal balls inside the tubes that move when you swing the rings. The moving of the balls inside the ring gives a vibration that travels through the hand and up in the arm. The vibration has a beneficial effect so is claimed. Im not shure what to think of those claims, but swinging the Smoveys feels good, thats for shure. Especially when my left shoulder is weak and trembly, the added weight helps. Could I not have the same effect just holding a light weight while swinging? Possibly, but I have the feeling that the movibg balls inside the ring give an added momentum. It feels different anyhow than just swinging a light dumbell.
        In Germany and Switzerland they have become popular and are being used by health proffesionals, therapists etc. The story of the inventor Johann Salzwimmer is very inspiring.
        In all, Im glad I bouhht them. They are an extra tool in my daily dance with P.

  3. Fred, this is a great list. What do you do for rigidity? I’m going to copy this list and try new things. What has been the MOST effective for you?


    • Thank you Denise! I find knee raises, exploding hands, walking and Qigong helpful for offsetting rigidity. As is lying on my back and focusing on my breath.

      The most important things for me are walking, practicing Qigong, eating a high fat diet, having a positive attitude, dissolving fear and finding purpose in my condition.

      I hope this helps!

  4. Dear Fred,
    Thanks for your support. Lately I have been so stiff! I’m even considering medication to get relief…I guess I should work harder on a daily basis.


  5. Love the list! What stood out as significant was what you listed as Bodywork it is incredible that within six months of beginning Body Stress Relief therapy the tremblingwas reduced by 75% and it has stayed there. Can you tell me more about what that is and how to find a good connection to it? Thanks, Emilie

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