My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 170 … The 5 Pillars of Good Health!

foster hewittI recently read, Hello Canada, a biography on iconic Toronto Maple Leafs hockey broadcaster, Foster Hewitt. It was written by Scott Young, former newspaper sports columnist and father of rocker Neil Young. Hewitt broadcast Leaf games for over 30 years, beginning on radio in the 1930s, before moving to television in the ’50s. He became synonymous with the Leafs and was known all over the world, particularly after calling the play by play during the infamous Canada – Russia series in 1972.

But it was the rapid decline in his health and the last couple years of his life that caught my attention and reminded me of the five pillars of good health:

  1. A healthy diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Minimize stress and worry
  4. Minimize the amount of alcohol and toxins you put in your body
  5. Live in a manner that enables you to feel good about yourself

In order to maintain optimum health, the body needs to be in a state of homeostasis [or as close to it as possible]. This means having a healthy gut, a strong immune system, a fluid lymphatic system, no inflammation and an alkaline body [a pH between 7.0 and 7.4]. The more unhealthy foods we put in our body, the more sedentary our lifestyle, the more stress we’re exposed to, the more fear we experience, the more alcohol we consume, the more toxins we’re exposed to and the lower our self esteem, the less likely we are to achieve homeostasis.

It wasn’t so much that Foster Hewitt’s story was that of an unhealthy life. By all accounts, he lived well, although perhaps he could’ve been considered a workaholic and perhaps his diet wasn’t ideal. If anything, the rapid decline in his health [he developed and succumbed to dementia] may simply have been the result of a lifetime of an overactive mind. Rather, it was more a case of simply being a reminder of how delicate is the human body and how little it takes to knock it out of homeostasis. It was also a reminder of the importance of being diligent in our lifestyle choices in order to live a long, happy, healthy life.

Have an awesomely [and diligently] healthy day!


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