My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 169 … Acceptance, Trust & Faith! I’ve Been Set-up!

god1I’ve been had, set up by a magnificently, crafty master of spiritual transformation.  Yes indeed! When I signed up for this journey called life, I didn’t see this one coming!

Let me explain!

I believe that the purpose of life is to become conscience [Buddhists call it becoming enlightened]. It is to understand the truth of our existence and to experience oneness and our connection with God and all that is. It is to live in the present moment and dissolve fear in order to live in love. It is to live in acceptance, trust and faith!

So what happens? I develop this condition, this neurological disorder [called parkinson’s] that is both meant to guide me to this purpose, and yet at the same time, make it a very difficult if not impossible objective to achieve. For example, I am meant to live in the present moment, but because of the neurotransmitter imbalance I am experiencing it is very difficult to do so because my mind is constantly wandering. What is more, quite often I really don’t want to be in the present moment because doing so brings me face to face with many of the symptoms I experience, like trembling, loss of balance and loss of mobility. To be honest with you, I would really rather be placing my attention on something else.

Then there is fear! We are meant to overcome fear and actualize the loving beings we truly are, and yet this neurological condition is the result of fear. And even more confounding, as it progresses it creates even more fear. Enormous fear at times! Sheesh! C’mon God, give me a chance!

And finally, in order to recover my health I know I need to restore my body to homeostasis and one of the best ways to do this this through laughter and happiness. But again, because my neurotransmitters are out of balance, I’m much more prone to irritability and anger than I am to happiness.

This whole situation is definitely a conundrum!

It is ingenious!

So, what do I do?

I must stay the course! It is essential that I accept my situation, trust that what is happening is happening for a reason and have faith that it is possible for me to recover my health and that no matter what happens, I’ll be okay. I believe in my heart that it is possible for me to recover and that God wants me to do so. More importantly though, God wants me to become conscious. God wants me to let go of fear and live in love.

God wants me to succeed!

Have an awesomely successful day!

5 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 169 … Acceptance, Trust & Faith! I’ve Been Set-up!

  1. Hi Fred!

    Thank-you once again for sharing your journey! I have written you an e-mail so hopefully you can share and use some of the information it contains.

    Have a wonderful day Fred!

    Anita from the Kawartha Lakes!

  2. hola fred gracias por tan maravilloso post al igual que tu , yo experimento sintomas muy desagradables muchas veces me quedo parado inmovil, pero al final son solo eso sintomas , una cosa es el sintoma y otra cosa somos nosotros con esta conciencia podemos ir avanzando espiritualmente en nuestro camino a la recuperacion y podemos aceptar los mensajes que nuestro cuerpo y nuestra conciencia nos envian y podemos incluso decir gracias parkinson porque me obligaste a ver como yo estaba viviendo en el miedo o la ira o lo que sea esa emocion destructiva, hacemos limonada con los limones, es verdad que el parkinson avanza pero con la conciencia de gratitud y amor ,espiritualmente nosotros avanzamos mas que el parkinson. nuestra voluntad es la voluntad de Dios.

    del libro un curso de milagros
    nada externo a ti puede
    salvarte ni nada externo a ti puede brindarte paz. Significa también que nada externo a ti te puede hacer
    daño, perturbar tu paz o disgustarte en modo alguno. 3La idea de hoy te pone a cargo del universo, donde
    te corresponde estar por razón de lo que eres. 4No es éste un papel que se pueda aceptar parcialmente.
    5Y seguramente habrás comenzado a darte cuenta de que aceptarlo es la salvación.
    3. Es probable, no obstante, que aún no esté claro para ti por qué razón reconocer que la culpabilidad está
    en tu propia mente conlleva asimismo darte cuenta de que la salvación está allí también. Dios no habría
    puesto el remedio para la enfermedad donde no te pudiese servir de nada. Así es como funciona tu
    mente, pero no la Suya. Él quiere que sanes, y por eso mantiene la Fuente de la curación allí donde hay
    necesidad de curación.
    4. Tú has tratado de hacer justamente lo contrario, intentando por todos los medios, no importa cuán
    distorsionados o extravagantes, separar la curación de la enfermedad a la que estaba destinada,
    conservando de este modo la enfermedad. Tu propósito ha sido asegurarte de que la curación no tuviese
    lugar. El propósito de Dios ha sido asegurarse de que sí tuviese lugar.
    5. Nuestra práctica de hoy consiste en darnos cuenta de que la Voluntad de Dios y la nuestra coinciden
    completamente en esto. Dios quiere que sanemos, y nosotros no queremos realmente estar enfermos,
    pues eso no nos hace felices. Al aceptar la idea de hoy, por lo tanto, estamos en realidad de acuerdo con
    Dios. Él no quiere que estemos enfermos. Nosotros tampoco. Él quiere que nos curemos. Nosotros

  3. hello Fred thanks for a wonderful post.
    like you, I experience unpleasant symptoms often I stay standing motionless, but the symptoms are just that…….. one thing is the symptom and we are other …. with this awareness can move forward spiritually our road to recovery and can accept messages that our bodies and our consciousness send us and can even say thank parkinson because you forced me to see how I was living in fear or anger or whatever that destructive emotion, we make lemonade with lemons, it is true that parkinson advances but with awareness of gratitude and love, we advance spiritually more than Parkinson’s. our will is the will of God.

    from the Book A Course in Miracles
    nothing outside yourself you can
    save you; nothing outside yourself can give you peace. It also means that nothing outside yourself can make you
    damage, disturb your peace or upset you in any way. 3The idea for today puts you in charge of the universe, where
    you belong because of what you are. 4No this is a role that can partially accept.
    5Y’ve probably begun to realize that accepting it is salvation.
    3. It is likely, however, that is not clear to you why recognize that guilt is
    in your own mind it leads also realizes that salvation is there too. God would not have
    as the remedy for the disease where it could not serve you anything. Here’s how it works your
    mind, but not his. He wants to heal, and therefore maintains the Source of healing where there
    need of healing.
    4. You have tried to do just the opposite, trying by all means, no matter how
    distorted or extravagant, separate the cure of disease to which it was intended,
    thereby preserving the disease. Your purpose has been to ensure that the healing did not have
    place. God’s purpose has been to ensure that itself took place.
    5. Our practice today is to realize that God’s Will and ours match
    completely on this. God wants us heal, and we want not really be sick,
    because that does not make us happy. By accepting today’s idea, therefore, we are in reality according to
    God. He does not want us sick. US Niether. He wants us to heal us. We

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