My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 158 … Book Review: Revolution

revolutionI just finished reading Revolution by Russell Brand. It is loaded with amusing anecdotes and bemusing metaphors, confirming what most of us familiar with the brilliant British comedian suspected. He is on a far different vibrational frequency than the rest of the planet.

While his vocabulary and colourful use of adjectives and analogies may be out of this world, one thing is certain, Brand understands the issues and the brevity of the situation facing humanity. Without giving too much of the book away, Revolution delves into such issues as:

  • The need for consciousness and fairness
  • Ditching capitalism in order to save the planet
  • Scrapping the current system which favors the economic elite
  • Understanding that underneath our fear-based self-absorbed destructive behavior lies the utopian promise of unification [oneness] and love

Now, one might ask what a book about a call for a societal revolution has to do with parkinson’s. The answer is, I believe PD and the perplexing array of neurological and other chronic health conditions is part of what is meant to inspire us to change the way we live. It’s part of the revolution.

Back to the book! Brand admits to now being part of the privileged upper class, but he came from the other side, so he understands the issues, having experienced poverty, addiction and despair.

Brand doesn’t just talk about what’s wrong with the planet, he offers solutions, like cooperatives and the cancellation of debt. He cites as an example, the revolution that took place in Iceland in 2008 as a model for how change can take place, Icelanders, tired of government corruption and economic repression, used civil disobedience to oust parliament and rewrite the constitution.

The comedian expresses a concern that a revolution cannot lead to one group of elites being replaced by another [as was the case in the United States in 1776] or one oppressive regime being replaced by another [as was the case in Russia in 1917]. I think the solution to this is to also create a society that feels good about itself. A society that fosters peace, love and joy. A society in which kindness, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion and integrity are the hallmarks of a person’s character.

Brand is emphatic in his call for change. He says, “In fact, we are at the point where the catastrophic failings of the system are so appallingly obvious that anyone who supports it, or denies that change is needed, is verbally daubing themselves with the black cross of the damned.”

I think it is time for my generation, the baby boomers, to  put an to end our preoccupation with our RRSPs and stock portfolios, planning the latest addition to our cottage estate and scoping out our next exotic tropical vacation. We have been accused of being a self indulgent lot and I think we are. Maybe we could consider being more altruistic and as Brand suggests, ditch capitalism, so that we will actually have a habitable planet to hand down to our children and grandchildren.

I don’t mind telling you that I’m huge fan of Russell Brand’s comedic genius. My son and I went to see his stand up show, the Messiah Complex, a couple of years ago and it was hilariously funny. But as much as I like his comedy, it is his advocacy for revolution that I most admire. It takes tremendous courage for someone who is part of the problem [the wealthy elite] to stand up, admit it, and call for change.

Essentially he is advocating an end to corporate/government tyranny, economic disparity and environmental destruction,and he maps out a simple and doable solution.

Revolution will make you laugh … out loud … I certainly did … illustrating the author’s clever, comedic brilliance! More importantly though, it will make you think, and hopefully, it will inspire you to change, because if we don’t change, God help us.

Have an awesomely revolutionary day!


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