My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 155 … The Lake and the Labyrinth!

Cooks BayI feel tremendously blessed! Between the lake I now live on and the labyrinth just up the road, I have been enshrined with my own personal ashram! My private sacred retreat! The lake is a never-ending source of tranquility and enjoyment, while the labyrinth is an enormous fountain of spiritual peace and amazing insights! Like Ray Liotta in Field of Dreams, I ask, “Is this heaven?”

Clearly somebody wanted me to recover my health, and so, provided me with the ideal setting to manifest it. Divine intervention? I suspect, yes! Whatever the source of my good fortune, I am extraordinarily grateful, for I doubt that I would’ve made the progress I have, without this incredible gift.

Now that the weather is warmer, I am able to practice Qigong out on the lawn while watching the flotilla of ducks and geese going about their business. My outdoor practice actually provides me with a triple benefit: the calming affect of Qigong, grounding [from doing it in bare feet] and natural Vitamin D production.

Even during the winter, the lake was a great source of serenity. Whether looking out the front window or simply enjoying a few minutes on the deck after my morning walk [which I did every day regardless of the conditions], I relished the snowy sights of my frosty sanctuary.

The labyrinth has proven phenomenal for problem solving. Whenever I’m feeling intense symptoms, usually connected to fear-related memories, I go to the labyrinth and receive an insight. It is amazing! I can only imagine what theories Einstein might have conjured up if he had access to one.

Yes, I feel very blessed!

Have an awesomely ashramic day!


9 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 155 … The Lake and the Labyrinth!

  1. So happy for you and I can totally relate to what you are expressing… I was brought to a beautiful place and I am surrounded by the ocean on a beautiful island and it is a beauty I still walk in amazement and gratitude. Something about the water just promotes peace and healing. Have a great week fred!

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