My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 147 … Let fear guide us to love!

self love1In the past month, my journey with this neurological condition [parkinson’s] has led me to the door of what I believe is my ultimate destination … Self love! Actually, I’m not quite sure how to characterize this experience. I don’t know if I am intended to discover self love, enact my innate self love or simply actualize self love. Perhaps this uncertainty is moot. The point is, I believe, the reason I developed a very debilitating neurological condition is because I lack self love, and perhaps more to the point, because I am experiencing self loathing. This also led me to the conclusion that our collective journey is all about discovering self love. It is about connecting with our true spiritual ” loving” nature and living in oneness with Spirit [God].

In an interview, John Coleman, the Australian naturopath who completely recovered from parkinson’s, speaks about discovering self love as the number one factor in his recovery. And in this video presentation, Anita Moorjani talks about her remarkable recovery from cancer after discovering self love through a near death experience.

Clearly self love is the key to health and happiness!

But what is self love? How do we know if we love ourselves and how do we start loving ourselves when we are mired in self loathing? These are not easy questions to answer, particularly for someone who is mind-oriented rather than heart-oriented. Let’s begin by taking a step back and examining how we got into a state of self loathing.

I think it is easy to grow up devoid of self love, with no awareness of what it is or how important it is to your health and happiness. When you are raised without affection, when you never hear “I love you,” when you are spanked a lot [by well-meaning parents who were taught to believe that this is the proper way to raise children], when you are criticized, when you are told that children are to be seen and not heard and when you’re never able to please your parents, a child can certainly grow up feeling unlovable and full of self loathing. But this was all necessary. We had to experience this in order to develop self loathing so that we could then discover self love. It seems that the human experience is largely about experiencing the contrast of something in order to understand the something.

In this state of self loathing , our energetic frequency is very low and because we live in an energetic universe, we attract all manner of unpleasant experiences into our lives, including illness. Conversely, when we are fully immersed in self love [when we feel completely lovable] our vibrational frequency is so high that disease could not possibly exist in our bodies! And so, it is imperative that self love be our number one priority.

So how do we go about developing self love? Well, here’s the thing, our very nature is that of pure love. We live in oneness with Spirit because we are Spirit and Spirit is pure love! We’ve just forgotten it during our human experience. How then do we enact this innate self love [without the benefit of a life changing experience like that of Anita Moorjani or Eckhart Tolle, spiritual teacher and author of The Power of Now who had a sudden epiphany after years of depression]? For that, we begin with spiritual catalyst, Teal Swan. She suggests a 365 day process where we continually ask ourselves, “What would someone who loves themselves think or do in this situation?” Try this, it’s really effective!

There are other things we can do do to enact self love. We can meditate, pray and live in the present moment. We can also practice the behaviors that embody self love, such as being kind, forgiving, grateful, compassionate, caring and helpful. I have a mantra that I like to repeat: I live in oneness with spirit and spirit is pure love! I also like to use my healing mantra: thank you Spirit for neutralizing the energetic frequency, healing and releasing from my body and from my being, all of the fear, anger and unresolved emotional energy that are at the root of the self loathing I’m experiencing, and I thank you for this healing and I thank you for increasing effectiveness of this healing by 100 times or more.

I also say hallelujah a lot!

And I practice forgiveness. Forgiveness, in my experience, is an essential part of healing as well as enacting self love. Forgiveness is made possible when we accept that all of the unpleasant experiences we’ve had were a necessary part of our journey and all of the unpleasant things that were done to us, we’re done by people who weren’t living consciously and didn’t feel good about themselves. This applies to anything we’ve done as well.

It seems that my journey to recover my health has hit warp speed in the last few months, particularly after speaking with Bianca Molle, who herself fully recovered from parkinson’s.  It has been a remarkable period of intense symptoms and exciting insights, with each round of symptoms and insights bringing me closer to the final breakthrough when recovery begins. The last month has been particularly remarkable! It started with my quest to discover the ‘magic bullet’ for dissolving unresolved emotional pain [acceptance of all unpleasant experiences as part of the flow of life and a necessary part of spiritual growth], which then led to discovering the ‘magic bullet’ for dissolving fear [let fear be our guide to love … so there is nothing to dissolve], which then led to discovering the final destination and ‘magic bullet’ [enacting self love!].

I’m hoping that through this blog post those who are seeking a solution to their specific health condition will discover it through an understanding of self loathing and self love. I hope that by dissolving self loathing and enacting self love you are able to expedite the recovery of your health!

Have an awesomely magic day!


6 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 147 … Let fear guide us to love!

  1. Every time I read your blog it is so inspiring, especially this one, .
    Thank you, best regards Karin from the Netherlands

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