My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 143 … Devotion, My Life Purpose!

purpose - lifeAs I continue to assemble the pieces of the puzzle of my recovery, I am fascinated by what comes up! The latest piece has to do with understanding my life purpose. It came to me unexpectedly after I happened upon a Teal Swan video about discovering your life purpose.

Discovering your life purpose, according to Ms. Swan, is a two step process. First, you need to determine your negative imprint; the negative experience that has been most predominant in your life. Then you determine the opposite or antonym of this experience.

Understanding my negative imprint was actually quite simple. Betrayal! I actually had an experience recently that felt like betrayal. When I thought about it, I realized that many experiences in my life have felt like betrayal, mostly betrayal by life itself. It seems that circumstances are always conspiring to betray me. One could consider the development of a neurotransmitter imbalance [parkinson’s] as a betrayal of my body. As if to confirm my conclusion, for three nights in a row, the Suits episodes I watched on Netflix all had to do with betrayal.

In order to then determine my life purpose, I went to an online thesaurus and looked up the antonyms for betrayal. The word that immediately jumped off the screen was … devotion! My life purpose, I ascertained, is to achieve mastery in devotion!

Although I felt a strong connection with the idea of devotion, it took a few days before I started to understand its meaning as it relates to things that are going on in my life right now, like recovering my health, blogging, teaching karate and teaching about feeling good about ourselves. Devotion, I reckoned, applies to me on the number of levels:

  • Devotion to changing my life in order that it is more meaningful
  • Devotion to children and to helping them feel good about themselves
  • Devotion to the people who read my blogs and helping them to recover their health
  • Devotion to humanity and raising the level of consciousness on this planet

I thought I understood the purpose of parkinson’s and other health conditions [to guide us to a more healthy, compassionate way of living], but understanding its connection with my life purpose, that of achieving mastery in devotion, has given it a whole new meaning! And I get it! We all need to understand our life purpose and we’re going to be guided to this understanding one way or another. For most of us, it will come through an unpleasant experience, because it is unpleasant experiences that motivate us to seek answers.

Knowing that my life purpose is to achieve mastery in devotion has inspired me to a fresh new level of intention. Now I understand that it is my divine destiny and in this respect, I will succeed!

Have an awesomely purposeful day!


4 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 143 … Devotion, My Life Purpose!

  1. Devotion fits perfectly with the Pisces/Neptune energy that is so strong this month, along with the Aquarian energy for change. Your new perspective fits both. With Aquarius, insights come suddenly while with Pisces they flow like a waterfall, streaming into our consciousness. Plus Pisces’ main goal is to draw us to oneness with the divine. Blessings, my friend! I’m truly happy for you.

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