Let Us Bring Peace and Joy to the Planet!

earthHow can we possibly experience universal peace and joy on this planet as long as situations exist where we pay someone $20 million to hit a baseball or make a movie, while entire families are forced to subsist on a dollar a day? How can we free ourselves of the destructiveness of jealousy and despair as long as there is poverty and starvation in the midst of extraordinary opulence? How can we feel content as long as there is injustice and inequality?

Such disparity will never free us from the shackles of fear, the savagery of greed or the hostility of hatred?

I pray for consciousness to spread like wildfire amongst humanity! I appeal to the masses to make kindness our global currency! I urge families and educators to make raising children to feel good about themselves their #1 priority! I beseech us to become conscientious stewards of our planet!

Let us immerse ourselves in love! Let us flood the globe with kindness, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion and integrity!

Have an awesomely peaceful … and joyful … day!

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