My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 139 … The Rebellious Innovator

albert einsteinThe road of innovation, like the road of rebelliousness, can be fraught with danger! There are always those in a position of power who may feel threatened by innovators and rebels and who will do everything in their power to protect their domain and the status quo.

Rebels and innovators are quite often one and the same person! They are equally inspired by the desire for change, for something better! Many of our great innovators, like Albert Einstein, were quite rebellious by nature.

I consider myself to be both innovative and rebellious, perhaps more creative than innovative, but innovative nonetheless. I learned early on in life that the path of the rebel is indeed fraught with danger, running afoul of my parents, teachers, coaches, referees, umpires and managers. Adults, it seems, have a low tolerance for rebellious children [our future innovators]. The reprisals I experienced drove me underground. I became a covert rebel which perhaps only served to get me into more trouble, or so it seemed.

And herein lies the issue.  I was a covert rebel who spent half my time doing stuff I wasn’t supposed to be doing, then spent the rest of the time trying to cover my tracks for fear of getting caught, because I was so terrified of disappointing people and being punished. In doing so, I created much fear for myself, fear that I suspect had a lot to do with the health condition I now experience. Oh, the perils of being a fearful innovative rebel!

Even as I craft these words, the feelings [fear] from unconscious memories of persecution, perhaps from many lifetimes, is clearly having an effect on me. The symptoms I experience, particularly trembling and immobility, have been quite intense all day [even when I was practicing Chi gong].

It is no coincidence [nor should it be a surprise] that I’m experiencing such intense feelings and symptoms at this time. I recently started reading a biography on Albert Einstein, who as I mentioned above was a rebellious innovator, arguably one of the greatest of all time! Einstein paid a price for his rebellious behaviour, however, when he was shunned by virtually every university in Europe in his effort to land a professorship, in part because of a vindictive professor at the college he attended. What is more, his innovations in the field of physics were initially ignored.

Reading about Einstein’s travails appears to have churned up old childhood fears of my own, and perhaps, fear that in my innovative efforts to find a way to recover my health, I may experience the same repercussions. This is the way it’s been for the past 20 years and in particular, for the last five months. Something I am doing or experiencing triggers intense symptoms and then I have to sleuth out the root cause.

Clearly on a soul level I chose to deal with this now as part of my healing process [evidently, a very necessary part of my healing process]; why else would I be reading Einstein’s biography? And my heart goes out to those who are experiencing discord in their life [a neurotransmitter imbalance or otherwise] and have no idea why they are feeling what they’re feeling, or what to do about it.

Oh, and what have I been doing to resolve this issue?  I created a mantra in order to create a new neural pathway in my brain that will eventually help dissolve the old thought and feelings.  The mantra goes like this: Albert Einstein was rebellious, innovative and courageous.  So I can be rebellious, innovative and courageous.  In fact, God wants me to be rebellious, innovative and courageous.  And if my parents had been living in conscious awareness, they would have raised me to be rebellious, innovative and courageous.  So I will be rebellious, innovative and courageous.

It is experiences like these, [reading a book and finding myself experiencing intense symptoms … that I otherwise would have no understanding of if it were not for the work I’ve been doing for the past 20 years] that make this journey so very fascinating!

Have an awesomely innovative [and rebellious] day!


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