My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 129 … 2014, A Helluva Year!

2015Between the onset of panic attacks, a new understanding of the role of fear, the sudden, temporary remission of symptoms and an unexpected ashram visit [among many other experiences], 2014 was a heck of a year! And if I had to characterize it with one word, that word would be, learning! I thought I had learned a lot in the years previous, but this year I learned so much it blew my mind [almost literally]!

The year started out as the previous year had ended.  I was working through anger, thinking that once I got through it I would cure my symptoms.  I was also trying to figure out what diet was best for me [fruit, ketogenic or a combination of the two].  The symptoms I was experiencing were progressing, despite everything I was doing and I was getting more and more worried about the loss of balance, constriction in my throat and loss of mobility.  Then in March, I started having panic attacks and on April 4, my experience with this neurotransmitter imbalance [Parkinson’s] bottomed out with an all day panic attack.

Thanks to a naturopathic doctor in Florida [who told me about the role of adrenal fatigue in panic attacks], my neurologist [who reassured me that the constriction in my throat would not lead to feeding tubes] and Mari [who lovingly nursed me through it], I got through the crisis. Shortly after that, I learned about John Coleman, a naturopathic doctor from Australia who fully recovered from the symptoms of Parkinson’s.  I read his book and another book by Robert Rodgers [road to recovery from parkinson’s disease].  Then I learned about muscle memory through an acquaintance and how it can be used as part of the recovery process.  As a result of these things, my confidence was greatly improved.

By the end of June, I noticed that my symptoms were actually lessening. Then in July when we returned from a trip to Estonia [where we visited the ashram], I experienced a sudden remission with most of my symptoms that lasted for a few days. But then the symptoms started returning as I got back into my normal routine, which apparently includes a fair bit of stress [hidden stress].

My symptoms continued to progress throughout the fall as I continued to focus on dissolving fear. Then in late November I heard about Bianca Molle, an American woman who had fully recovered from Parkinson’s, mainly through an intense Qigong practice.  I spoke with her via skype and discovered that aside from Qigong, our approaches and protocols were very similar, so my confidence was again bouyed.

At year’s end, I continue to experience loss of balance, impaired mobility, loss of dexterity on my left side and other symptoms, but I am brimming with confidence because I’m still doing better than I was at the time of the panic attacks, I know what is at the root of them [fear, aka false beliefs], I know it is possible to recover fully and I have a protocol that I am fully confident will lead to my full recovery … particularly after moving from a busy, noisy, privacy-less street front condominium in October to a quiet, lakefront boathouse apartment with a labyrinth up the street.  I figure, if this doesn’t help me recover, nothing will!

And so, as I enter the new year, I’m primarily focusing on happiness and gratitude [in order to do dissolve fear], Qigong [for energy healing] and diet [the ketogenic diet] in order to recover my health, and I feel very confident that I will do so in 2015.

Here are some of the things I learned 2014:

  • The condition [Parkinson’s] is in fact curable
  • Bianca Molle, Howard Shifke and John Coleman have all recovered from the condition [I read their books]
  • Chronic fear is at the root of the condition because it puts the body in a state of chronic fight or flight [stress] which eventually leads to a neurotransmitter breakdown.
  • Fear is created by false beliefs, which is just thoughts, and if thoughts can create the condition, then thoughts [especially happy ones] can uncreate it
  • Happiness is one of the keys to dissolving fear, and expressing gratitude is a great way to develop a happy mind
  • Adrenal function must be addressed as part of the recovery protocol
  • An intense Qigong regimen promotes recovery through energy healing
  • Big aggressive movements are a very effective way to offset symptoms
  • Muscle memory is an important part of the recovery process
  • The Ketogenic diet [high fat, low carb] is the optimum diet for me
  • Sugars of all kinds, including fresh fruits, are really bad for me
  • Magnesium really helps minimize constipation
  • It is possible to have a temporary remission and a re-onset of symptoms. Although I don’t fully understand why, it likely has to do with a temporary elimination of stress [fear].

Happy New Year! I wish you a year filled with happiness, good health and abundance!

8 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 129 … 2014, A Helluva Year!

  1. Interesting learnings. Thanks for passing them along. As for fear, chronis c and otherwise, it does little more than to drain and exacerbate. Here’s to finding that space of peace and calm.

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