My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 128 … False Beliefs

friendAt the root of an unpleasant life situation, for example, a chronic illness, is one or more false beliefs.  It’s these false beliefs, for example, the belief that you’re worthless, that create negative feelings such as anxiety and fear that in turn create stress and block healing. An important part of the healing process then, is dissolving negative beliefs.

But what is a false belief?

A false belief is actually a thought, an erroneous thought, the result of an erroneous assumption based on something that was said or something that was experienced. Typically, this happened at an age when we were too young to know better. Perhaps we were told that we were a bad boy, or maybe we were told that we were useless. If a person important to us, such as a parent, said it, we believed it. And if it was said often enough, it became an unconscious thought that we buried in our subconscious. We created a special neuro pathway for it, which enabled us to believe it without having to think about it, just like we learned how to ride a bike without having to think about it.

And so, a pattern of self sabotage was initiated [a negative experience leading to a false belief] which eventually led to a breakdown of sorts [like a health crisis]. And as you might have guessed, this pattern had a purpose, and that was to guide us to the truth of who we really are and why we are really here. It was meant to guide us to our higher purpose, that of spiritual awakening.

For this to happen, the experience had to appear real, just like a movie must appear real in order to illicit an emotional response. We had to believe the false belief in order to create the stress that would cause the physical body to break down [this applies to all disease] so that we would be forced to take action. And this is the purpose of all suffering, to guide us to the truth.

Unfortunately, most people turn to medication. They miss the point. They never address the underlying root cause of the condition, nor are they inspired to follow a spiritual path.  They miss the opportunity for enlightenment.

Whether you believe in this higher purpose of disease or not, it is essential that you dissolve these false beliefs in order to heal.  For advice on how to accomplish this, we turn to spiritual catalyst, Teal Swan.  She provides a step by step process on how to identify and release false beliefs.

One of the techniques Ms. Swan advocates, is to exalt your false beliefs.  In other words, to find a way to fall in love with what you loath about yourself, rather than waging a war on these beliefs, which is in essence waging a war on yourself.  In my case, I can say that the false beliefs that are at the root of my developing a neurotransmitter imbalance [Parkinson’s] has had many positive effects on my life.  It inspired me to follow a spiritual path, write a book, become a blogger, lead a more healthy lifestyle, teach children about feeling good about themselves and learn so much about healing disease, to name a few.

Again, I think this is the whole point, to encourage each of us to become more spiritual, more kind, more compassionate and more loving, in order to create a more peaceful society. It’s also why the medical establishment will never find a cure for Parkinson’s. Because if it did, we wouldn’t change the way we live.

So in essence, developing false beliefs was a necessary part of the process. They caused us to suffer [they provided the contrast] which inspired us to take action. This indeed makes them our friend.

Have an awesomely friendly day!


2 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 128 … False Beliefs

  1. Hi Fred, I was telling my friend, who studied Chinese Medicine about you and your blog and how amazing you are. I said you actually know everything about Parkinsons. She does Qigong. She did recommend a book which you probably know, I did say I will let you know though. It is The Quantum doctor by Amit Goswani PHD. She says it is brilliant.
    Fred wishing you a super new year and continue the way you are doing! Love Ute

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