My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 127 … Merry Christmas … The Gift of Hope!

hopeThis year for Christmas, I offer you one simple, but powerful, gift. The gift of hope!

Hope is indeed powerful! It is the feeling that what is wanted can happen, and believe me, healing can happen! Recovery as possible … from any undesirable health condition or life situation!

A year ago, I could have only offered you the gift of belief. I believed it was possible to recover from Parkinson’s, but I had no proof. Now I have proof! Namely, Bianca Molle, John Coleman and Howard Shifke. All three have recovered from Parkinson’s. All three have documented their stories. All three have established websites and written books where you can learn about everything they did.

As part of this gift of hope, I can also offer you the gift of perspective. Parkinson’s is not an incurable disease that we suffer from and that we must battle with medications. Rather, it is a neurotransmitter imbalance that can be corrected by returning the body homeostasis. This can be accomplished by overcoming fear, eliminating stress, ridding the body of heavy metal toxins and eating healthy foods. It may take discipline. It may take determination. It may take persistence. And it may take faith! But it can be done! Bianca, John and Howard are proof of that!

All the information you need in order to recover is contained in Bianca’s and John’s books, Robert Rodgers book [road to recovery from Parkinson’s disease] and Howard’s website, as well as my website [under the How to Recover from Parkinson’s section]. For more information, go to my Recommended Reading blog.

The truth is, we’ve actually moved beyond hope because that feeling that gave us hope has become a reality. That is because we now have the tools needed to recover. We have books and websites with proven programs.  We have case histories.

Having hope is great, but having the tools also gives us vision! It allows us to take action! And this gives us confidence! When you add vision and confidence to hope, you are unstoppable!

Have an awesomely unstoppable day and a very Merry Christmas!


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