My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 118 … God Is A Navy Seal Drill Sergeant!

drill sergeantDrill sergeants are the back bone of the armed forces. They take raw recruits and ‘introduce’ them to the ways and customs of the branch [army, navy, air force, marines] they have chosen to serve. This is a gentle way of saying they put them through hell!

Drill sergeants are in charge of basic training and they seem to relish their responsibility! They punish [more like torture] their recruits with exercises and drills that are meant to test their physical and mental stamina in order to prepare them to go off to war! To serve their country!

On the surface, drill sergeants appear to be the meanest sons-of-guns on the planet [who can ever forget Lou Gossett Jr in An Officer and A Gentleman  … “Don’t you eyeball me boy!”], but truth be told, deep down, they have hearts of gold. You see, they want their recruits to succeed. They want them to thrive. They want them to stay alive! Each recruit lost is like losing a child.

No more so than that of a special forces drill sergeant, like the navy seals, the elite of the navy. Seals put their lives on the line every time they are called into action, and so, training is intense, drill sergeants are intense. The stakes are high and they show no mercy!

I believe God is an navy seal drill sergeant!

God creates adversity [health crisis, financial crisis, relationship crisis and career crisis don’t just happen by chance] so that we can grow, spiritually. And God wants us to succeed. God wants us to thrive. God wants us to fulfill our calling, our purpose. And it seems, the higher the calling, the more challenging the adversity! Nelson Mandela is a case in point!

The navy seals who succeed are invariably the ones who understand the role of the drill sergeant. They understand the challenge of the drills. They go with the flow! They don’t see adversity as suffering. They see it as having a purpose!

It is incumbent upon us to understand the nature of God and the purpose of of our individual and collective adversity. We are meant to succeed!

AH-TEN-SHUN! Drop down and give me 50!

Have an awesomely successful day!


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