My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 117 … Take a Deep Breath!

breathingQuite often I find myself experiencing a lot of tension. I might be sitting at the computer, watching television, eating, walking, driving or even just sitting in my chair enjoying the view of the lake. I can feel the tension in my neck and back. My arms and shoulders are all tensed up. Quite often my arms will be trembling. I’m typically not thinking about anything in particular.

So I take a deep breath and consciously relax myself. I might have to take two or three breaths to completely release the tension.

Breathe in. Hold it momentarily. Exhale. Consciously relax. Ahhh! Tension gone!

For a few seconds!

It’s a constant dance!

Feel tension. Breathe. Relax. Tension returns.

Because I feel it constantly, I suspect it is the neurotransmitter imbalance [which is Parkinson’s], rather than my thoughts, that is at the root of the tension. Perhaps both!

It could be frustrating, so acceptance is critical. Overcoming this tension is part of the healing process. So I deal with it.

Focusing on the breath is essential. It helps me relax my body. It brings me into the present moment. It helps me generate ‘chi’ [life force energy]. And it helps me connect with Source [God].

So I breathe!

Have an awesomely relaxed day!


7 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 117 … Take a Deep Breath!

  1. Fred, there is so much you share that I can relate to.I have the same experience with the tension.. Clenching my left fist, hardening my shoulders, neck and eyes, its all dystonia. I often feel like a toy robot with a dying battery.It forces me to remain in the present moment and to try to let go. Fred, keep up and thank you a thousand times!

  2. I think this is wonderful! You are describing much of what I hear is Kriya Yoga which is the Self Realization Fellowship path to Enlightenment. I have been doing their coursework as they keep it very secret but also found a guru who posts on You Tube and is famous for teaching Kriya Yoga. His teaching involves deep breaths raising arms with some tension and through the nose then releasing through the mouth in according to SRF in 2 powerful exhales. I have been combining the two in meditation since SRF has exercises where you use muscle tension of any part of the body and then release in 2 breaths relaxing completely.

    It sounds very similar to what you do and love following your posts. I experience spasms, muscle tension from a C-2 high neck fracture, which side affects resemble MS or Parkinsons. Never have done any surgeries or drugs, etc. All holistic and always get told by Medical that I should be dead or not walking. Feel sorry that U.S. medical is slow to know energy healing except maybe Functional Medicine Physicians which are now embarking on all phases of holistic and energy healing and disease reversal. Still you have discovered this on your own so LOVE YOUR SITE

    Thank you for all your sharing; and ordering Magesium Malate after I hear from you on my questions there :):) when you have time :):)

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