My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 116 … Parkinson’s, Simply Put – My Rant!

rick mercerLately, I’ve been watching The Rick Mercer Report on CBC television here in the Great White North, aka, Canada. Mercer profiles life in Canada and spoofs Canadian politics. My favourite part of the show is his rants. There’s nothing like a good rant. If you go on youtube, you can watch videos on the best movie rants. Some of them are awesome!

Rants are a great stress reliever. A great way to get things off your chest. So here’s mine … sort of!

I think it’s really important that we stop wishing for a miracle cure. Simply put, Parkinson’s Disease is a neurotransmitter imbalance and in order to restore balance, we need to return the body to homeostasis. This means alkalining the body, healing the gut, strengthening the immune system, eliminating inflammation and unclogging the lymphatic system. We accomplish this by having a positive attitude, strengthening our chi, letting go of fear [eliminate stress], eating healthy foods, detoxing, exercising, doing bodywork and strengthening the adrenal glands.

Rather than putting our destiny lives in the hands of the medical community, let’s take charge. Let’s do what we can, right now. Recovery is possible as John Coleman, Howard Shifke and Bianca Molle have demonstrated!

I wonder if Jesus ever did a rant? Sitting around with the Disciples. “Why those Romans don’t know a gladiator from sheep dung! If they did, they’d know that you can’t control people with weapons. Not for long, any way! If you really want to control them, you gotta control their minds. Make up some story about hell and the devil and tell them that’s where they’re going and that’s who they’re gonna have to deal with in the afterlife if they don’t do what you tell them in this life!

No, somehow I can’t see Jesus doing a rant. We’ll leave that responsibility to Rick Mercer for now!

Have an awesomely vocal day!


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