My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 114 … Motor Vehicles and Neurotransmitters – My Thoughts on Medication!

highwayIn my last post, I talked about the need to think about Parkinson’s differently. I would like to expand on this idea by way of a metaphor. Neurotransmitters, which are at the center of Parkinson’s, are the body’s motor vehicles. In the same way motor vehicles are used to transport people and things to different places, neurotransmitters transport chemical messages to different parts of the body. And just like there are different types of motor vehicles [cars, motorcycles, pickup trucks, transport trucks, etc.], there are also different types of neurotransmitters [excitory, calming, etc.].

To continue this metaphor, if our highways were clogged up with transport trucks, cars and motorcycles wouldn’t be able to get anywhere.  Similarly, if our body is producing too much of one type of hormone or neurotransmitter, like adrenaline, the production of other neurotransmitters [like dopamine] shuts down.

And this is about where the similarities of this metaphor end.

When something goes wrong with our motor vehicle, we get it fixed. If it runs out of gas, we fill it up. If we blow a tire, we replace it. If we have an engine breakdown, we fix it. Not so with a neurotransmitter malfunction, such as is the case with Parkinson’s. Rather than fix the problem, we treat the symptoms with medications. We wouldn’t hire a tow truck to tow us around forever when we have a problem with our motor vehicle [we might hire one to tow us to the garage in order to fix the problem], so why do we take this approach when it comes to healing our bodies. It makes no sense.

A neurotransmitter malfunction in our body is the result of stress, poor diet, unresolved emotional and physical trauma, chronic fear and toxicity. So why do we address the condition with drugs, particularly drugs with very unpleasant side effects that don’t address all of the symptoms? If we really want a heal our bodies we need to eliminate stress [or at least reduce and as much as possible], eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, detoxify our environments and have more fun. Not only then will we heal our sick bodies, we will significantly reduce the chances of getting sick in the first place.

I truly believe there is no need for anyone to be on medications long-term. To get through a short term crisis, maybe, but certainly not long-term. I’ve been able to manage my symptoms by eating healthy foods, exercising daily, understanding the role of fear, going for regular bodywork sessions [Body Stress Relief], taking natural supplements and living spiritually, and again, I truly believe everyone else can do the same thing, and live a happier life in the process.

A note of caution.  If you do plan to get off medication, do so slowly and under the supervision of your physician or neurologist.  Ideally, it might be best to do so while taking complementary natural supplements at the same time.  Again, this is best done under the supervision of a qualified naturopath.

Have an awesomely natural day!


3 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 114 … Motor Vehicles and Neurotransmitters – My Thoughts on Medication!

  1. pl explain in details what is body work for releease of stresss and the natural supplements u should take pl advise. my major problem is shiverng of thumb and index finger. When i hold glass or spoon it shakes. i cant write.
    Thanks FRED

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