My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 113 … Parkinson’s, let’s call it what it is!

innovationI think it would be extremely helpful if we called Parkinson’s what it really is. It’s not really a disease. At least not in the way we typically think of disease. Rather, it is a neurotransmitter imbalance. It is a malfunction in the body! I think if we called it what it really is, it would take a lot of the fear out of the equation. It would give people hope of recovery [we might believe that a disease can’t be cured, but certainly we can believe that a neurotransmitter imbalance can be fixed]. And it might just change the direction we take as it relates to treatment and research.

The reality is, people who are experiencing the symptoms of Parkinson’s are dealing with a neurotransmitter imbalance and it’s more than just a dopamine deficiency. Pretty much all the neurotransmitters and hormones throughout our bodies are out of balance. Look at all the symptoms we experience: trembling, loss of balance, immobility, muscle rigidity, difficulty swallowing, constipation, cognitive issues, softening of the voice, difficulty writing, anxiety, depression, joint pain and insomnia. This isn’t all caused by a simple deficiency of dopamine! Serotonin and melatonin are also in short supply, while glutamate, asparte, adrenaline, among others, are in excess.

It seems that the medical community has become enamored with the idea of disease and treating disease with medications, whether they truly understand it or not. And herein lies a major problem. Medical people admit that they don’t know the root cause of Parkinson’s [many people who are experiencing this health condition do] and yet they treat it anyway with drugs, drugs that have serious side effects, sometimes worse than the condition itself.

Why does the medical community take this approach? I believe it is because the brain for the most part is still a huge mystery and doctors are simply doing the best they can with what they know … and how they’ve been trained. And that is why we need to take a new approach!

I think we would all be better served if we focused our attitudes, energy and treatment protocols on creating a natural solution based on the reality that a neurotransmitter imbalance is at the root of what we call Parkinson’s.

Have an awesomely enlightened day!


6 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 113 … Parkinson’s, let’s call it what it is!

  1. I think you are absolutely correct, it’s not a disease its an imbalance problem, which I am convinced is curable.
    Doing daily Qi gong is definitely helping me, it’s quite encouraging.

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