My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 112 … Synchronicity – Faith Over Fear!

synchronicityYou gotta love synchronicity!

Despite all the things I’ve been doing to return my body to homeostasis [maintaining a good attitude, eliminating stress, eating healthy foods, detoxifying, exercising, bodywork and strengthing my adrenal glands] I haven’t been making the progress I had hoped for. At least not as it relates to lessenlng the symptoms I experience. I’m not feeling discouraged because I know I’m on the right track. More like, feeling puzzled! But I’ve been doing this long enough that I know when I’m not making progress, it’s because there is something I’m missing, something I need to learn.

Then yesterday, I was watching Joel Osteen, the American protestant minister, who lives in Houston, Texas. I like Osteen’s sermons, because even though he is Christian, they tend to be nondenominational. The sermon yesterday was about, ‘even now.’ No matter what the situation. No matter how bad things might be, even now, Creator [God], has the power to create change. No matter the state of your health, your financial situation, your employment situation or anything else in your life, through God, it can change! You need only to have faith!

Then last night synchronicity kicked in. I was reading an e-mail from a blog reader who told me about glutamate, a neurotransmitter in the brain made from the amino acid glutamic acid. When functioning normally, glutamate is released by neurons [brain cells] in the brain whenever action is required. Typically it is released in small amounts and reabsorbed back into the neurons when the call for action is over. But when released in excess amounts, such as what happens when there is trauma to the brain, glutamate can be very damaging. It can actually destroy the neurons that released it and all the other neurons around it. Interestingly enough, I started developing health issues shortly after my second concussion when I was a teenager and my health really took a downturn in 1990 after an automobile collision in which I suffered severe whiplash and the worst headache of my life.

Stress [another factor for me] and poor diet, especially one consisting of grains [especially wheat], dairy, corn and soy, can also cause excess glutamate in the brain. This was the bulk of my diet up until around the time I started developing the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Interesting! Three things that contribute to excess glutamate in the brain were factors in my life prior to my developing the symptoms of Parkinson’s. Synchronicity!

So I did some research and discovered that excess glutamate in the brain has been identified as a factor in the development of all neurological disorders, including Parkinson’s. Bingo!

And that wasn’t the end of the synchronicity yesterday! While surfing Bianca Molle’s website, I was reminded about the importance of laughter in helping to restore health. Bianca is the woman I wrote about in my last post who overcame Parkinson’s through Qigong. Today I’ve been laughing a lot!

Yesterday was clearly a reminder of the power of God, the importance of faith in the beauty of synchronicity.

And so now, I’m off to learn more about glutamate!

Have an awesomely synchronistic day!


7 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 112 … Synchronicity – Faith Over Fear!

  1. The problem is spikes of excess free form glutamate in things like MSG, pasteurized dairy products, modern grains, etc. Yes soy sauce is one of these foods to avoid as are all soy products, and yeast extract is a fancy way of saying MSG so almost all processed foods are out. Broccoli I believe is fine and cooked tomatoes do have a lot of glutamate. uncooked are fine. Glutamate is created from the breakdown of proteins. The body normally slowly digests proteins into their free amino acids. Certain cooked and processed foods are already broken down into these amino acids, and that is the problem for those who have some injury to their brains ability to process this excess glutamate. Enzymes in the body are supposed to convert excess glutamate in the brain into GABA and other substances. Problem is because of injuries and toxins – those enzymes can stop working properly. Epilepsy is another “excitotixin” related disorder that can be controlled by a low glutamate diet. I believe the key is to “wear a helmet” . Meaning low glutamate diet combined with Magnesium Threonate (blocks glutamate from causing damage in he brain), lithium orotate (non prescription lithium low dose blocks the receptors that are over stimulated by lithium), Taurine combined with p5p vitamin b6 also blocks glutamate. All these things also rebuild brain cells. Finally – read Dr Russel Blaylock. He is the leading neurologist in the world on glutamate. His parents died of Parkinsons and he has devoted his life to exposing the relationship between excitotoxins and brain issues.

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