My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 107 … Acceptance!

a new earthOne of Eckhart Tolle’s guiding principles for living consciously and enjoying peace of mind is acceptance of the present circumstances. Yesterday, while reading Tolle’s, A New Earth [I’m reading it for the third time], I realized that my intense focus on healing myself and recovering my health, is in part being driven by my unhappiness with my situation. Even though I feel like I’m not suffering, it struck me that deep down I’m truly not happy experiencing the symptoms of Parkinson’s. I’m truly not accepting present circumstances!

Now some people might say that this makes sense. How can a person be happy living with constant trembling, loss of balance, impaired mobility and all the other symptoms associated with Parkinson’s? But here’s the thing, without complete acceptance, happiness and peace of mind [not to mention healing] will remain elusive.

Acceptance of my present state of health doesn’t mean doing nothing. That would be paramount giving up. Instead, it means focusing my attention on what I need to do to change my health, like eating healthy foods, exercising, having a good attitude, eliminating stress and strengthening my adrenal glands, rather than thinking about eliminating my symptoms. It also means reminding myself that this condition I’m experiencing has a purpose and that even though I may not fully understand this purpose, there is a higher power that does. It also means reminding myself that no matter what happens, no matter where things go from here, I’ll be okay.

It’s funny how you can read something several times and each time you read it you learn something new or you have a new insight or a different perspective. Perhaps the reason we’re drawn to rereading a book or a passage is because our intuition is guiding us to this new insight. Clearly, rereading A New Earth has been very helpful for me.

If you haven’t already read A New Earth I urge you to do so. It is an awesome book that has helped me immensely on my journey!

Have an awesomely accepting day!


8 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 107 … Acceptance!

  1. Thank you Fred for the reminder to read Eckharts book. I’ve read it once and will now do it again.
    Have you read the book on our bodies cries for water by the Iranian doctor? It addresses the possibility that we are most likely to be dehydrated.

  2. I am just reading a Tolle book again ‘the power of now’… these books can be read many times and every time we find something new. Have a wonderful day, Fred.

  3. Fred, a friend of a friend says the documentary movie “Finding your life’s purpose” with Eckhart is even better than the book:

    “….’Finding Life’s Purpose’ by Eckhart Tolle. This movie is a must see, it is much better than reading his books. I have already watched it twice and I’m excited about seeing it again. Tolle creates such a clear perspective on how we lose so much by constantly living in the past or the future. I get jolts of enlightenment just watching.”

    It’s probably available on Netflix etc.


    • Thank you Brian! It would appear that the movie isn’t listed on netflix or youtube although there is a movie with Eckhart Tolle on youtube called ‘enjoying every moment,’ plus I think I’ve watched every one is videos on youtube! I’ll see if I can track the movie down somewhere because I do enjoy his teachings! .


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