My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 103 … What would James think now?

james parkinsonIn 1817, almost 200 years ago, Dr. James Parkinson, an English surgeon, first identified a group of symptoms that he described in an article he published, “An essay on the shaking palsy.” I wonder what he would think now.

Would he be disappointed that almost 200 years later a cure hasn’t been discovered for this condition? Would he be disturbed that the mainstream allopathic medical community still considers this condition incurable? Would he be horrified that renowned French neurologist, Jean-Martin Charcot, coined the term Parkinson’s Disease in his honour? Would he really want this condition that afflicts so many people named after him?

Given his penchant for political activism, I suspect James would have more than a few things to say on the current state of affairs on the disease that bears his name! Who wouldn’t? We continue to pour millions of dollars into research in a futile attempt to find a pill that will cure the ‘disease.’ James would likely say, “Have you not learned from your experience trying to find a cure for cancer, that you’ll never do so with a pill?” He might also was ask, “Why do you continue to call this condition incurable when there are documented cases of people who have recovered from it?”

Good questions!

James was also a crusader [he did a lot of work to help the mentally ill] and I suspect he would have a great deal of compassion for the people today who are experiencing Parkinson’s. I suspect that he would encourage us to take off our blinders and look at alternative approaches. They exist! Attitude, diet, detoxification, stress elimination, lifestyle, exercise, prayer, bodywork, adrenal strengthening and living in conscious presence, is the formula for restoring homeostasis.

By the way, if I ever discover a group of symptoms that constitute a ‘disease,’ please make sure it is never named after me. On the other hand, a cure in my name I will gladly accept!

Have an awesomely thoughtful day!


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