My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 101 … Peeling the Onion!

onionYou have likely heard of the metaphor, peeling back the layers of an onion. Holly Cole used this metaphor as the basis for her hit song, Onion Girl. It typically refers to working through layers of issues in order to get to the core issue, and I think it is an apt metaphor for describing the Parkinson’s healing process. Certainly it describes my experience!

Since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s and choosing to heal it naturally, I’ve worked through several issues, made significant discoveries and had valuable insights that I thought might lead to my recovery. Each time, the symptoms continued [on some occasions, the symptoms actually got worse]. But each time I persevered, trusting that I was on the right track.

Most recently, I learned about the need to dissolve ego [or the egoic mind, according to Eckhart Tolle] particularly as it relates to letting go of fear. I also learned that all that is required to dissolve ego, is awareness. I don’t need to actively do anything to dissolve ego, I just need to be aware when I’m acting or behaving from the point of view of ego rather than my true spiritual essence. But still, my symptoms did not abate.

Then last week while researching how to help children with social anxiety I found a video that described anxiety as being a fear of the unknown. At this point I had a realization, that I have been obsessing [and worrying] far too much about the state of humanity, particularly as relates to our uncertain future and the way we are systematically destroying the planet, putting our very survival at risk. And it’s true, I have been obsessing over this [and it’s true that we are doing it].

Another layer of the onion!

Dwelling on the possible demise of humankind is not helping me to recover my health. The truth is, the most important thing I can do about the future of humanity, and for my own health, is to do my best to live in conscious presence: to be kind, forgiving, grateful, compassionate and loving. And to bring awareness to the destructiveness of our behaviors and to inspire others through my own actions. And so, no more watching John Oliver videos. I love his politically focused satirical humor, but quite frankly, the topics of his satire are quite disturbing and not helping me feel very good.

And it’s also important that I hold an optimistic view of the future for humankind, just like it’s important for me to have an optimistic view of my own future as a relates to recovering from Parkinson’s, because any other viewpoint doesn’t serve me.

The healing process can be frustrating at times, but it can also be quite fascinating. I love what I’m learning and I love that I am able to communicate it!

Have an awesomely optimistic day!


6 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 101 … Peeling the Onion!

  1. Try having a look at The Healing Codes by Alex Ĺloyd , an energy healing system, which address and heal, issues of the heart.

    • Hi Rebecca. Yes, I’ve read it. It’s a terrific book! I developed a similar healing process after training in One Brain Therapy several years ago. Eckhart Tolle also has an interesting approach to healing unresolved emotional pain. He calls it the pain body. His book, A New Earth, is also well worth reading. Cheers. Fred

  2. Do you know anything about Forceless Spontaneous Release, usually for disassociated injuries of the foot, it’s supposed to be done by someone, but as I live alone, am doing it on myself. Not ideal but better than nothing.

      • It appears, that for many people with PD,there is a long forgotten or unacknowledged foot injury, which the body has disassociated from.
        The treatment is Chinese, (forgotten the term) where someone just gently holds the bare foot, and eventually a spontaneous response happens and the forgotten injury heals, and PD symptoms start to heal as well. Perhaps Google this to explore the possibilities.

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