My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 99 … Seek Love

osho loveI was inspired to write this blog by a dear friend. She sent me an e-mail with the Osho quote you see pictured above. It is an important reminder that whatever we are motivated by will usually find us. It’s like the person who leaves the city for fear of being a victim of a crime, rather than moving to the country for the pure joy of country living, only to be mugged in the country.

When you’re living with the symptoms of Parkinson’s, it is very easy to be influenced by fear. Fear of the future. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the progression of the symptoms. Fear of being without medication. Fear of the side effects of medication. Many fears!

In fact, it is much easier to be motivated by fear than love because fearful thoughts are so easily had. When you’re dealing with the constant, ever present symptoms, it is far too easy to feel fear and much more challenging to feel optimism born of love. And yet, a loving mindset is so essential!

Truth be told, this is the whole purpose of the experience: developing a condition that creates fear in order to rise above it through love. If it were easy, we wouldn’t do it. So it must appear to be a challenge! A difficult challenge!

But here’s the thing, it doesn’t have to be difficult. If we understand that our condition has a purpose, if we lovingly surrender to the experience and if we trust that we will be okay, we will in fact be okay!

When I find myself feeling anxious or in a negative thought pattern I like to do some self-talk [it helps that I now have a lake to look at while I’m doing it]. I tell myself that I’m doing my best and that means I’m doing great!  I remind myself that it’s just ego that’s feeling anxious and the true authentic part of me, that is pure love, trusts that I’ll be okay.  This is the aspect of me that lives in oneness with creator [God] and all that is.  I also remind myself that God wants me to succeed.  God wants me to be healthy!  God wants me to move in the way of love!

Thank you for that reminder Polly!

Have an awesomely loving day!


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