My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 96 … Look Up and Enjoy the Journey!


Feelin’ stronger every day
(You know I’m alright now)

Chicago – Feeling Stronger Every Day

I am writing this blog today mostly for myself. I need a pep talk! I’m having a challenging day! Feeling a little blue!

Actually, the blog has been floating around in my head for a few days … look up and enjoy the journey … inspired by my morning walks along the lake, and today seems like an appropriate day to write it! This morning, getting dressed for my walk seemed particularly difficult. My movements were quite slow. It was frustrating and discouraging!

I think the most difficult part of living with the symptoms of Parkinson’s [and most diseases I imagine] is the mental aspect of it. It can wear on you. Persistent trembling, literally bouncing off the walls due to loss of balance, difficulty moving, difficulty handwriting, loss of the use of one or both hands. Indeed, the physical challenges can be challenging mentally, particularly given their ever presence!

Part of my challenge is that I’ve always been a destination kind of person.  I’ve always been so fixated on the destination that I haven’t always enjoyed the journey.  In fact, I rarely fully enjoy the destination because each one achieved is quickly replaced by a new one. And therein lies the ultimate challenge [for me anyway], to enjoy the journey, which means to accept the present circumstances at all times, to accept the physical challenges of living with Parkinson’s, to be at peace with the symptoms. And I have no reason not to because every time I have encountered adversity, a solution has appeared.

So, if it takes a little longer to get dressed for now, so be it. If I have to sit down or lean against a wall, no worries! The truth is, there’s no need to rush and nothing wrong with adapting! Hurdles, challenges and adaptation are part of the process. They are part of the journey. As is trust.

It can indeed be a challenge to stay positive … to look up! But it is so essential! A positive outlook not only keeps you strong mentally it helps your body heal by keeping it in an alkaline state and strengthening the immune system.

So, I will do my best to look up, live in the present moment, accept the present circumstances and enjoy the journey!

Interestingly enough, while I was experiencing this blue mood, there was a song playing over in my mind. It is by the rock band, Chicago. The last two lines of the song are repeated as the song fades out: feeling stronger every day, you know I’m alright now!

Have an awesomely uplifting day!


12 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 96 … Look Up and Enjoy the Journey!

  1. Fred
    Thank you for being so open, honest and brave. My symptoms are not quite as severe as yours, but I can relate to everything you say to a degree. We all have our moments though don’t we? Yesterday, was just such a day; I went for a paddle in a Canadian canoe with my cousin. There was us together with many Swans on a beautiful narrow river which ran through farm fields one of which had twenty cows in it wondering what we were doing there as not too many people use this water. Going out wards we were paddling into the wind, but on our way back we erected a special canoe sail. Exhilarating! Thank goodness for nature, it’s our home.

  2. Thank you Fred! Just what I needed right now, as I’m struggling with the relentless battle with the symptoms, nice to know I’m not alone.

  3. Thank you Fred. I feel like I’m coming along for your ride a little. I too have experienced constant low-level pain and discomfort as disheartening this year and have had to use all my focus to enjoy the moments – moment by moment – rather than wait for the next good thing to happen – like bed at the end of a hard day…hahaha. Love you!

    • I hope you are doing well today Anne and finding time to enjoy the moment. As you said, it can be challenging! I love your attitude! It will take you a long way!

      Have an awesome day!

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