My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 94 … Letting Go Of Fear!

listsOne of the things I’ve done in order to expedite the process of letting go of fear is make three lists. In the first list, I have written down all of the things I recall being afraid of when I was growing up. For example, I was afraid of being beaten up and I was afraid of being bitten by dogs. As I wrote down each fear, I reminded myself that these fears weren’t real [and still aren’t]. They were the product of my thoughts [the thoughts of the egoic mind] and it is ego that is causing me to hold onto them.

The second list includes all those things I’m afraid of now, like being without money and being afraid of what people think of me. Again, as I have been recording each fear I have been reminding myself that these fears aren’t real. They are the creation of my thoughts and it is ego that is causing me to hold onto them.

Recording present and childhood fears prompted a third list … unconscious [hidden] fears, such as, a fear of not living up to my father’s expectations. Again, as I record each fear I repeat the mantra, this fear isn’t real. It is a product of my thoughts. These hidden fears, most of which I was completely unaware of, when I consider them, I realize that they’ve been very debilitating and have been at the root of much of my self destructive behaviour.

By making these lists I’m bringing into my conscious awareness all of the fears that have been sabotaging my peace and happiness and that have contributed to me developing Parkinson’s. And by reminding myself that these fears aren’t real, I am dissolving them.

Letting go of fear and living in complete trust of the flow of life is essential to eliminating the stress that is at the root of Parkinson’s. Much of this fear is hidden in unconsciousness, but is no less debilitating than those fears we are conscious of. By understanding the role of fear and taking steps to release it, I have turned the tide on the progression of my symptoms and I’m on my way to recovery … and this is awesome!

Have an awesomely fearless day!


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