My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 92 … Danger Fred Phillips, Ego Approaching!

lost in space“Danger Will Robinson, alien approaching!” You might recall this famous line from the 1960s television series, Lost in Space. It was uttered frequently by the Robinson family’s trusty robot to young Will Robinson whenever it sensed an alien in the vicinity.

Since making dissolving ego my number one priority I’ve been experiencing similar warning signs. It seems that ego is constantly trying to sabotage me and my healing efforts. Eckhart Tolle jokingly says, “you start thinking about what you’re going to have for dinner and you end up thinking about how wretched your life has become!”

That is how ego sneaks up on us and puts us in a negative train of thought. Why ego does this is a good question, perhaps one that only God [Spirit/Source/Allah/Jah] can answer, but it certainly happens all too frequently. And it has been happening to me lately with reckless abandon and I have been feeling intense fear which has been exacerbating the symptoms I experience. Again, Tolle warns of this. He says that when you make an effort to dissolve ego, it fights back just like any other being under threat. Ego is an energy that wants to continue existing and so, I find myself constantly wandering into negative thought patterns and feelings of intense fear.

It seems that the universe has also been conspiring against me which I’m sure is no coincidence. Attendance is down considerably for this time of year in most of the karate classes I teach, readership is down on my blog and I’m moving. All of these events would typically cause me some stress, so I’m having to make an extra special effort to stay in the moment and not allow ego to be in control.

Like the saying goes, it’s always darkest before the dawn, and that is the way I’m feeling at the moment. Under siege, but about to make a breakthrough! In the meantime, I will remain alert and when ego is approaching I will bring myself back into the present moment by focusing on my breath, or looking around and observing or using positive affirmations!

Have an awesomely alert day!

2 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 92 … Danger Fred Phillips, Ego Approaching!

  1. Perfect post for me today Fred. Thank you! I look forward to hearing about your new place to live, your struggles with staying positive and present, and anything else that pops up in you. I encourage you in your attempts to stay focused, and remember, it’s all not serious really. It’s fun. Life is to be laughed with. I think that what helps me most when I’m struggling is to be gentle on myself as if training a puppy. I forgive myself a great deal quite magnanimously these days. Also I often think now that it’s a good sign when things get hard like this…it means that you are making progress and noticing those negative thoughts that were there anyway. Love you! Keep posting. I’m listening.

    • Thank you Anne! That’s a really important point! Having fun is so essential. And it’s also essential to remember that is ego that sabotages our happiness and fun, because ego thrives on misery. This awareness alone will free you to have more fun!

      Have an awesome day!

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