ALS Ice Bucket Challenge … well intentioned but off the mark

ice bucketBefore I offer my thoughts on the ALS ice bucket challenge, please know that my mother succumbed to the disease last year. So like many others, I would like to see it eradicated. It is truly a horrible disease!

Having said that, I am deeply troubled by the ice bucket challenge that is currently sweeping the planet in an effort to create awareness and raise funds for research. As well intentioned as this effort is, I’m afraid it is not going to help find a cure for ALS. The billions of dollars we have collectively sunk into finding a cure for cancer is clear evidence that this approach just doesn’t work … and never will.

At the risk of repeating myself, nowhere does it say the cause of any disease is a lack of pharmaceutical medication. If it’s not part of the cause, it certainly can be part of the cure. The rapidly growing and expanding array of diseases that is currently besetting humankind are here to serve a purpose, and that is to awaken consciousness [Hindus describe this as enlightenment] and guide us to a more humane, healthy way of living. It is not to find more reasons to medicate ourselves.  I believe this in my heart!

Mother Teresa, when asked if she would attend an antiwar rally, politely declined, but said she would gladly attend a pro peace rally. Similarly, I must politely decline the offer to participate in the ALS ice bucket challenge, but offer to gladly participate in a healthy living and awakening of consciousness ice bucket challenge.

If we truly want to put an end to disease, bullying, war, murder, rape and all other forms of suffering, we need to focus on what we want … peace, love, joy and good health … because what you put your attention on is what you create. And the simplest way to do this, is to be kind to one another and ourselves and to be good stewards of the planet. And the nice thing is, we don’t need to raise money for research to accomplish this, we just need to do it!

In defense of the ice bucket challenge, I think it is a great concept.  A fun way to bring attention to a worthy cause.  Let’s just change the cause!

Have an awesomely warm day!

3 comments on “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge … well intentioned but off the mark

  1. Good Morning Fred! What a fabulous day it is today in cottage country!

    I agree whole heartedly Fred. I was once closely involved at the Executive level with a charity that is very near and dear to my heart, giving my time and money to the charity only to find that money raised funded salaries and awareness but very little if any money went to finding the cure and the cause.

    So many charities fund research in order to help big pharm find new drugs to ease symptoms, often with horrible side effects and further they do not address the bottom line–a cure!

    I am so sorry to hear your Mother suffered with ALS. It truly does need to be eradicated, find the cause and you find the cure..simple you would think?

    Cheers, Anita.

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