Recovering from Parkinson’s Disease: What I Avoid, What I Recommend and a Few Last Words

recovery1I hope by now after reading this series of blogs I’ve posted on ‘My Recovery from Parkinson’s,’ you realize that it’s possible to recover from this supposedly incurable disease. As I said in an earlier post, the notion that PD is incurable is the misguided belief of western allopathic medicine because a pill hasn’t been found to cure it. As evidenced by Bianca Molle, John Coleman, Howard Shifke and others however, it is definitely possible to fully recover. It’s just not going to happen with a pill … nor will any disease ever be cured in this manner!

In order to recover your health, you simply need to return your body to homeostasis and this takes work, knowledge, sacrifices and trust. Once the body is in homeostasis, disease goes away. Accomplishing this, involves alkalining the body, restoring gut health, strengthening the immune system, eliminating inflammation and unclogging the lymphatic system. Fatigued endocrine system glands, particularly the adrenals and thyroid, and certain organs like the liver and kidneys, must also be strengthened. This is made possible through supplementation, detoxification and eliminating stress.

As I outlined in Steps 2 & 3, detoxification is accomplished mainly through diet and herbal remedies, as well as exercise [Step 7] and sweating.  The body’s pH must be restored to an alkaline state [between 7.0 and 7.4] and trapped metabolic wastes, heavy metal toxins, inflammation, molds, parasites and unhealthy bacteria must be eliminated. This is where the sacrifice comes in.  I’ve had to give up many of the foods that I really like, including cheese, pizza, pasta, bananas, wine and the occasional cold beer in order to detox my body.  I’m hoping to be able to eat some of these foods again, but certainly not in the amounts I used to.

As discussed in Steps 4, 5, 6, 8 & 14, stress is eliminated by minimizing negative thoughts, living in the present moment, being happy and grateful and releasing fear, anger, faulty beliefs and unresolved emotional pain. And this is where the work comes in.  Learning how to manage your thoughts, staying in the present moment and doing release work is just that, work!  But in my experience healing can’t be done without it.  Negative thoughts cause stress, as does fretting about the past and worrying about the future.  Holding on to fear, anger, faulty beliefs and unresolved emotional pain keeps the body in a state of chronic stress leading to an overabundance of stress hormones [adrenaline, cortisol, etc.] eventually causing the part of the brain that produces dopamine and serotonin to shut down. Living in gratitude and happiness on the other will literally change your brain chemistry by restoring the feel good neurotransmitters and hormones.

Healing Parkinson’s naturally has meant doing so without medication and this is where trust comes in.  In the beginning I didn’t know how I could do it, I just believed that I could.  And until recently, I didn’t know of anybody who had accomplished what I was trying to accomplish, but now I do.  In taking a natural approach, I’ve essentially turned my back on medication and my neurologist, much to the chagrin of certain family members and friends.  It has meant finding creative ways to minimize the symptoms I experience and for the most part, I’ve done it.

I’ve had to do a lot of research, but this is where knowledge comes in.  While I have learned some things that have scared the bejeepers out of me, each thing I’ve learned has given me more confidence and brought me closer to success.

I’ve also learned through trial and testing what works and what doesn’t and what to avoid and what to incorporate into my healing program. In some instances, because of the combination of factors that causes Parkinson’s, it took me awhile to figure things out [like the ideal diet … which for me is a high fat, low carb diet], but by being persistent it has paid off. So let’s begin by looking at the things I avoid. This includes:

  • Toxic foods [sugar, wheat and other grains, dairy, fast foods, junk foods, etc.]
  • Foods that exacerbate my symptoms [fruit, alcohol, coffee]
  • Municipal tap water
  • Medication
  • Getting cold [when I’m cold, my symptoms are really bad]
  • Being upset or stressed [this too exacerbates my symptoms]
  • The news [TV & newspapers]
  • Violent movies
  • Family and friends who try to convince me to go on medication
  • Negative people
  • Strenuous exercise [tends to exacerbate my symptoms]
  • Non-natural shampoo, deodorant, etc.

And here are the things I recommend because I believe they are helping me to heal as well as giving me relief from the symptoms I experience:

  • Ketogenic diet
  • Magnesium supplement
  • Adrenal supplement
  • Iodine [for the thyroid]
  • Vit D3
  • Vit B12
  • Meditation/sitting in silence
  • Exercise walking
  • Martial arts
  • Qigong
  • Grounding
  • Body Stress Relief [BSR]
  • Being around water
  • Spending time in nature
  • Spending a few minutes in the sun every day
  • Laughing
  • Muscle memory exercises

There’s no doubt in my mind that it is possible to recover from any disease. All that is required is time, a good attitude and the right approach. Get started immediately. Do your research. Talk to people. Read books. You can do it!

I wish you godspeed on your journey!


8 comments on “Recovering from Parkinson’s Disease: What I Avoid, What I Recommend and a Few Last Words

  1. What d’ ya mean, a few last words 😄 you’ll have to start another blog, else I’ll have nothing interesting to read ..hee hee ! Polly

  2. You are a legend, and SO encouraging, reminding me to NEVER give up.
    It’s the 1st day of Spring here today in New Zealand, Hooray!

  3. Hi

    Another good post and nay nay to the pill pushers!

    I am feeling a lot better these days – here is my list of things that I tried this summer that seem to help a lot:

    -giving up wheat – had greatly reduced sugar intake last year -met a beekeeper who gave me honey still in the comb which is so good and I think has healing properties in it -using a lavendar spray from a farm in Quebec – no lavendar smell to it -taking magnesium supplement though Esther told me to use magnesium oil instead and apply a bit each night to a different part of my body -went to see Esther again and she ran a lymph and liver program on me -taking 1/2 teaspoon each day to a teaspoon of extra virgin coconut oil

    Doing all of those things is giving me more energy and clearing up some rashes I had had since February.

    question for you – what water do you drink? Brian wants us to get a reverse osmosis system but I don’t think that is that great as it takes minerals out of your water from what I have read but it does take out the flouride and heavy metals which would be good. We buy the big jugs of bottled water for drinking -t he opaque ones as you hear so much about those flimsy bottles of plastic water not being good for you though for convenience we sometimes use them.

    Keep up the great blogs. I was glad too that you wrote one after it came out that Robin Williams was in early stages of PD – I think your readers expected you would address that in a 2nd blog about him after the first about depression.

    Take care. Kevin is looking forward to getting back to karate.


    Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2014 14:59:29 +0000 To:

    • Thank you DeeAnn. I love reading your messages. Lots of helpful info and very uplifting.

      I get all my drinking water from the outdoor spring at Lakeridge Ski Resort on Lakeridge Road, just north of Ajax. The best water in Ontario.

      See you soon.

    • The magnesium and adrenal supplements are both natural and available at most health food stores, depending on where you live. The brand I like is Natural Factors. Magnesium helps prevent constipation and helps strengthen the adrenal glands. The adrenal supplement also helps strengthen the adrenal glands, which are weakened by prolonged stress and fear. This is important for eliminating anxiety.

      I hope this helps!

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