Stop and Start to a Better World!

startIf we were to stop doing some things and start doing others, we could create a better world for ourselves.  We could reduce suffering and create more happiness. We could change our destiny!

Here are some suggestions on what we can do:

Start living in consciousness! We are all spiritual beings having a human experience, living in oneness. We are all connected. This is the truth!

Stop being obsessed with money! Money is just energy. It is a means to an end, not the end itself. We would be living in a far better world if there was no money.

Start realizing that the most important thing on a day to day basis for our health and happiness is how we feel about ourselves! If we all felt lovable, deserving, adequate and empowered this would be a different world!

Stop being obsessed with power! Our thirst for power is incredibly destructive. We are all equal beings. We just happen to be on different journeys and having power is not the same as being empowered!

Start being more kind to one another! We could change the world by simply doing this one thing!

Stop polluting! There are jurisdictions on this planet where the air is unfit to breathe, the water is unfit to drink and the fish are unfit to eat and it’s getting worse. We simply cannot allow this to continue!

Start being more forgiving! We continue to experience conflicts of all sorts simply because one party is unable to forgive the other, quite often for things that happened generations ago. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself!

Stop eating unhealthy foods! Every bag of potato chips we eat, every can of pop we drink, every fast food meal we consume and every glass of municipal tap water we drink, jeopardizes our health. It puts us at risk of developing cancer and other chronic illnesses.

Start living like minimalists. We consume far too much and we produce far too much garbage.

Stop worshiping celebrities! Celebrities are spiritual beings just like the rest of us. They just happen to be on a different journey with their own issues to work out!

Start acknowledging the role that fear and unresolved emotional pain play in the development of dis-ease!

Stop treating dis-ease with medication! Medications heal nothing. They just make drug companies and the people that run them rich!

Of course, this is just a few starts and stops to get us started [pun intended]. I really do believe that this could be a better world and not just for a privileged few, but for everyone. Until we’re all experiencing the happiness, love, kindness and prosperity that life has to offer, oneness and peace on earth will simply be concepts and not reality.

Have an awesomely better day!


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