Recovering from Parkinson’s Disease: Step 15 – Setting Goals

goal settingAll my life I have been a goal setter. As a kid growing up I had two very ambitious goals. I wanted to be an NHL hockey player and I wanted to be a veterinarian. While I didn’t realize either one of these goals I did manage to accomplish a secondary goal which was to earn a university degree. I also had plenty of wonderful hockey experiences including playing in the All-Ontario Jr. C semi-final series in 1973 and being invited to play for the University of Guelph intercollegiate team in 1975.

As a teenager, I also had two goals. The first was to learn how to play the guitar, which I accomplished, although it was many years later. My second goal it seemed was to drink myself into oblivion. I was well on my way to accomplishing it when I got sidelined [thankfully] by a sensitivity to alcohol.

As an adult, I’ve set, and accomplished, many goals. I wanted to own a nice home [did it]. I wanted to climb the corporate ladder [did it … became a vice president with the company I worked for]. Wanted to earn a black belt in karate [did it … even opened my own dojo]. Wanted to run a marathon [did it]. Wanted to learn how to play the guitar [did it]. Wanted to learn how to play the mandolin [did it]. Wanted to do a good job of raising my children [did it].

I don’t know what made me become a goal setter. It wasn’t something I was taught. I don’t recall us talking about it growing up. It was just something I did and it has worked well for me, especially now. It has helped me cope effectively with Parkinson’s!

Here are my present goals and I can tell you with confidence that I intend to accomplish them all:

  • Fully recover my health [I’m already well on my way]
  • Communicate my experience through this blog [doing it]
  • Write a book about my experience
  • Become a fulltime author [I’ve already written four books including one published]
  • Speak to people professionally about my experience
  • Speak to people professionally about consciousness, the purpose of life and the importance of feeling good about yourself
  • Play the guitar and mandolin again
  • Eat cheese curds [they constipate me at the moment]
  • Build a successful karate club [pretty sure I’ve done it, but it’s an ongoing process]
  • Own a lakefront home

When you’re living with a chronic health condition, setting goals, in my experience, is critically important. It keeps you in a positive frame of mind. It keeps you optimistic and it gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning. It helps keeps you from developing anxiety and depression and more importantly, it helps to alkaline your body which is essential for recovering your health.

Goal setting activates the universe.  When the universe knows what you want it brings you the people and things you need to be successful.  It creates synchronicities.  It brings you insights.

If you haven’t already done so, I urge you to set goals for yourself. They can be simple goals and it is important that you believe that you can accomplish them. Start with the goal of learning everything you can about overcoming Parkinson’s naturally [you can accomplish this simply by reading everything I’ve posted on this blog]. You might also have a goal of getting off medication [many people I have connected with have this goal]. You can accomplish this goal too. Again, everything I’m doing is all you need to do to be successful!

Victor Frankl, concentration camp survivor and author of Man’s Search for Meaning, said that one of the key factors in his and others’ surviving the camps was having an optimistic view of the future. This meant setting goals.

Goal setting will greatly improve your chances of success and will help you feel better on a day to day basis. It has certainly helped me!

4 comments on “Recovering from Parkinson’s Disease: Step 15 – Setting Goals

  1. This is lovely to read , you achieved so many goals you set… I’ll have to think back to mine….. and the one’s I still have. You always inspire me! Thank you Fred

  2. Fred
    Couldn’t agree more about the goals.I wanted to play pro basketball and took my career as far as a slow, white JEwish guy could take it (played and coached a little in college). I also set out to be a best-selling author of fiction – which I’ve achieved, but have higher aspirations. And now I want to cure myself of PD.

    The common thread in achieving goals is that everyone needs help along the way.

    Your blogs are helping me. PErhaps I can return the favor and help you as a fellow author.

    –Steve Alten

    • I can certainly relate Steve! I wanted to be a pro hockey player and I made it all the way to a Junior A tryout. But weak skating, partying and alcohol derailed my aspirations! I won’t be derailed on my journey to recover my health!

      Thank you so much for your generous offer to assist me on the author front. I would dearly love your help and will send you an e-mail on this.

      Have an awesome day!

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