Golf … If I get 27 different things right, I’ll be okay!

Trip to Estonia 224Golf! Simple sport! Right? Wrong! In order to get that little white ball in that wee tiny hole several hundred yards away, you only need to do about 27 different things right! Keep your head down. Back straight. Knees slightly bent. Proper grip. Shift your weight from your front leg to your back leg during your back swing. Etc. Etc.

And that’s just the swing!

You also have to select the right club.  Gauge the distance correctly.  Read the wind speed and direction.  Know where the hazards are … you know, the sand traps, the ponds, the creeks, the long grass, the trees …  and the geese!  [in the southern United States and many other places around the world you have the added possibility of alligators, poisonous snakes and other life threatening species!  Fun eh!

Of course, it helps considerably if you can keep your mind in the moment. It does you no good whatsoever to be worrying about your spouse finding out that you’re not actually at work!

Golf is like that tough old school teacher who accepted nothing but perfection. “I’m gonna relax this time.” My shot plops frustratingly in the pond. “Dang! Forgot to keep my left arm straight!” Where is Ben Hogan when you need him!

They say you can tell a lot about a person by playing a game of golf with them. Clearly I got hired for some of the jobs I was hired for because a round of golf wasn’t part of the interview process!

Curse words, flying clubs and broken clubs are regular occurrences on the golf course. I recently saw Henrik Stenson, ranked #2 in the world at the time, break a club over his knee in a fit of frustration. You could hear a chorus of, ALRIGHT!, all over the world when that happened! Of course, with the amount of money he’s making he could easily afford a new club.  Not so for the average weekend hacker!  But they get broken any way!  And why?  Because you have to do 27 different things right, every single time you step up to the ball!

Oh, did I tell you about the dress code?  Ankle high socks.  No cargo pants or shorts.  No shorts period if you’re playing on the PGA tour.  No cutoff jeans [who would wear those any way?].  Collared shirt [always tucked in].  One must look spiffy, if not proper, you know!

Golf, a true test of your hand-eye coordination, athletic skill, memory [you have to remember to do 27 different things right, remember?] and patience! Definitely not a sport for the faint of heart or easily frazzled. Unless you’ve got lots of money … for new clubs!

Have an awesomely precise day!


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