Let go of unhappiness by letting go of judgment!

compassionHow much unhappiness do we create for ourselves by being judgmental? Look at the way that idiot is driving, what a jackass! Look at the way she’s dressed, how disgusting! He needs better manners. Kids today don’t behave the way we used to. We can be so full of judgment!

Judgment creates unhappiness. Unhappiness creates stress. Stress acidifies the body. Acidosis leads to disease! When we live in judgment, we’re only hurting ourselves.

Judgment is a learned behavior. We learned it from observing and listening to others. If it can be learned, it can be unlearned. We can unlearn judgment by being kind, compassionate and by giving unconditional love.

We judge people because we believe we are better than them, but everyone is on a journey and everyone’s journey is different. People behave the way they behave or do the things they do because of how they feel about themselves. People who don’t feel good about themselves typically don’t behave so well. And remember, everyone’s doing the best they can with what they’ve learned.

Let’s all see the world through the eyes of compassion. Let’s offer everyone unconditional love. Let’s celebrate our differences. We will feel better and we will create an amazingly vibrant energy. And this energy will grow!

Have an amazingly loving day!


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