My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 84 … So Much to Remember!

thinkingExperiencing the symptoms of Parkinson’s is tiring business. There is so much to remember! I have to remember to lengthen my stride when I walk [and I’m talking about every step], otherwise, I shuffle walk. I also have to remember to place my foot down heel to toe, otherwise, I walk flat-footed … slap, slap, slap.

And that’s not the half of it! I have to constantly remember to sit up straight, otherwise, I bend forward and scrunch up my digestive system, impeding digestion. What is more, I risk doing a face plant in my mashed potatoes [I’m not kidding], or worse still, a face plant in my turnips! Man, I hated those things growing up! Once a year, our mom would cook up some turnips and my brothers and I would be forced to eat them. No matter what we did, mix them with potatoes, smother them with ketchup, they’d make us gag! Say, do you think there is a connection between the trauma of this experience and me developing Parkinson’s? You know what they say about the connection between childhood trauma and disease! It’s worth considering!

Other things I have to remember:

  • Stand with my back straight, because when I don’t, I stagger forward
  • Chew my food to a liquid, or I risk choking
  • Take my calcium/magnesium/zinc supplement. If I don’t, I invariably end up constipated
  • Be aggressive with my movements or I tend to experience freezing
  • Do up my fly [zipper]. This has nothing to do with Parkinson’s except that I’m so busy remembering everything else, I’m always worried I’m going to forget to zip up!

Yes, there is a lot to remember [a lot of thinking to think about] and it can be exhausting, but for me, it’s worth it. It makes my daily experience much more enjoyable and it bolsters my confidence that I will fully recover!

Have an awesomely thoughtful day!



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