Focus On Doing Your Best

do your besrFocusing on doing your best has the power to transform your life.  It can change disappointment to happiness.  It can change feelings of failure to feelings of success.  It can transform suffering to joy.

When you focus on winning and being the best, you will invariably be disappointed. When you concentrate on doing your best, you can never fail.

Tiger Woods provides a good example of this dichotomy. For the past 15 years he has generally been regarded as the best golfer on the planet, perhaps the best of all time. He has made it clear that he wants to be known as the best ever, and so he plays with a ferociousness like no one else. He plays with enormous anger…like a man possessed. He curses when he doesn’t perform well. He is not exactly the poster boy for good sportsmanship.

Whether in athletics, business, school or any other activity, focusing on doing your best always makes you feel like a winner. You may find yourself competing with someone who has more skill, more ability, more experience or more training. Thinking about doing your best elevates your confidence. It keeps you more present. It eliminates pressure and anxiety, thereby improving your performance regardless of who you are performing with or against. It also inspires you to honour the performance of others.

Lately, while teaching karate, I find myself constantly reminding the students that doing your best is far more important than being the best. Only one person or one team can be the best at any one thing at any one time. Many others may vie for number one, but only one can be it. Does it make sense to have one happy person, while many others are left feeling like a failure?

If you are a parent, coach, teacher, instructor, manager or leader of any kind, emphasize ‘doing your best.’ It will make you better at what you do. It will endear you to those in your care.

When you know that you’ve done your best, regardless of the outcome, you always feel good about yourself. You will maintain a positive self image.

In the summary then, here are the key benefits of focusing on doing your best:

  1. You feel good about yourself
  2. You feel proud of yourself
  3. You have more confidence
  4. You’ll always succeed
  5. You have more fun

What can be better than this!

Have an awesomely ‘do-your-best’ day!


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