My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 77 … Relief From Symptoms – My Morning Respite!

sunriseIn those first few moments when I awaken in the morning it feels as though my body is normal.  There is no loss of mobility, no loss of balance, no shuffle walking and no tremoring. According to Robert Rodgers in his book, Road to Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease, this happens because of the body’s built-in mechanism to shut down the fight-flight response [the root cause of the symptoms] before, during and after sleep, so that it can get sufficient rest. This explanation makes perfect sense to me and the period of calm is a welcome respite.

I have found other ways to experience the same calmness, particularly as relates to temporarily reducing or eliminating tremoring. One way is to lay on my back. Another is to exercise. Another is to practice Qigong or martial arts. Another is to swim or simply sit in water. Quite often, depending on what I’m doing, simply bringing my attention to the trembling will cause it to temporarily cease.

As much as I might like to, I can’t lay around all day. People might mistake me for the dog and put me in the kennel! But it’s nice to know I can get relief when I want it without having to take medication.

One symptom I haven’t figured out a solution for yet [other than patience … not my strong suit] is the loss of functionality of my left hand, particularly for typing and playing the guitar. I’ve figured out how to get relief from the clenching in my left hand, for instance, by tossing a ball back and forth between my hands, but I haven’t figured out how to restore it to normal use.  As I said, perhaps this just requires patience. As my body returns to homeostasis I anticipate my left hand will fully recover and it will be as good as new.

In the meantime, whatever the situation or technique, getting temporary relief from the symptoms I experience is more than welcome.  It is relished!

Have an awesomely respiteful day!


4 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 77 … Relief From Symptoms – My Morning Respite!

  1. Hi Fred, I am curious what you are using to help with typing? I have played with dragon speak but find it awkward on my PC. So now I’m using the microphone on my iPad and that seems to work pretty good. Although sometimes it can be frustrating when it refuses to recognize a word despite me repeating it many times! Brian

    • Hi Brian,

      I’m using Windows speech recognition program and while I’m experiencing the same frustrations you are, it has been a godsend, because typing is very difficult for me. I understand Dragon is much better, but I haven’t taken the time to download it.


  2. Also I totally agree with your observations on muscle memory. I now walk with a shuffle and wobble but can jog slowly like normal. I used to do a lot of (slow) jogging and even ran one year the Los Angeles Marathon. ~Brian

    • Wow! That’s awesome Brian! Congratulations! I walk every day and do a little bit of running, but only a little, because I have low blood pressure. I think any kind of joyful exercise is the key!


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