My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 75 … PD, A Fascinating Condition!

fascinationIt’s not easy to be objective when you’re dealing with PD. Whether you’re experiencing it directly or indirectly through a family member or close friend, it’s very easy to want to judge it as a horrible disease. To curse it and vilify it.

There is no doubt that there is a cruel aspect to it.  Be it the constant trembling, bouncing off walls [literally] from a loss of balance, losing the ability to move normally or the many other symptoms that constitute the condition, it can seem very unfair [as does coping, I’m sure, with the sometimes terrible side effects of medication]. But the truth is, Parkinson’s Disease is simply a name, given to a condition that is the result of a malfunction of specific functions and chemical reactions in the body due to a premature die-off of brain cells. It is nothing more!

If you were to actually stand back and assess the condition through a neutral lens you might appreciate how truly fascinating it is. Consider how remarkable it is that the die-off of certain brain cells can lead to such an astounding array of physical symptoms. Yes, they are primarily related to muscle movement, but why is this the case and why does it affect people so differently.

I think this perspective of fascination helps take some of the scariness out of the condition. What I mean by this, is that we tend to focus on the symptoms [which can be quite scary given their progressive nature] rather than what is going on inside the body, and what is going on inside the body is basically chemical in nature, and if the cause is related to body chemistry then the cure must also be related to body chemistry. Whereas the disease may be considered incurable, the simple disruption of body chemistry surely can be corrected [chemistry always has a solution].

For me, this perspective of fascination is also another clear indicator that there is a higher source of intelligence behind our existence. The fact that so many things can go wrong in the body due to one cause [a disruption in body chemistry] can’t possibly be random. I wrote in an earlier blog that Parkinson’s has a purpose and I hold to this belief. It could be that God went through this thought process: “I’m going to confound humans with this seemingly incurable condition that they’ll want to name and create a drug in order to cope with. Initially, they won’t see that all they have to do is change the way they live in order to overcome it. They won’t see how their toxic diets are helping to create it. They won’t see how their toxic thoughts are helping to create it. Nor will they see how their fears and unresolved emotional pain are helping to create it. They will only see the suffering and the need to take drugs. Eventually [I hope], people will begin asking questions and they will figure it out. If not, more conditions will be created and some will be worse [conditions like MS, ALS, MSA and so on] until eventually they really do figure it out.”

The notion that PD is a progressive, incurable disease that just randomly appeared on the landscape and must be coped with using toxic medications does nothing but create fear and helplessness. Whereas the idea that this is a fascinating condition of the human body, created by God in order to inspire us to change the way we live gives rise to hope.

For me, the choice of perspective is an easy one and I hope you will share it with me.

Have an awesomely fascinating day!



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