Peace, Love and Joy … My Amazing Trip to Korea!

buddhist monkA few years ago, I took a trip to South Korea to visit my daughter, Jenna. She was teaching English in Pusan, a bustling ocean-front city of over 3.5 million situated in the southeast corner of the country. Between excersions to a Buddhist temple, a fascinating encounter with a Buddhist monk, amazing food and a chance to spend a week with Jenna, it was an awesome vacation. One I’ll never forget!

On the trip to Korea, I was reading a book called, A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beal, the true story of a young boy who became a boy-soldier during the brutal civil war in Sierra Leone in the 1990s. Beal tells in graphic detail, the story of his capture, war experience, reluctant release and eventual recovery. It’s a disturbing account with a happy ending.

While reading the book on the Toronto to Vancouver leg of my journey, I was thinking about how much human behaviour is influenced by our misguided desire for money, fame and power, when what we really want, deep down [I believe], is peace, love and joy.

Then I had an idea … well, a bunch of ideas!

I recalled the manifesting prayer Neale Donald Walsch  wrote about in Conversations With God 1. It goes like this, ‘Thank you God for bringing me X [whatever I want to manifest].’ It is more of a thank you than a prayer!

My first idea was to replace the ‘X’ with, peace, love and joy. My manifesting prayer would go like this: Thank you God for bringing me peace, love and joy, and thank you God for bringing our world peace, love and joy.

My second idea was to start repeating this prayer every day.

My third idea was to email all my friends and ask them to start repeating the prayer and e-mail it to all of their friends, and so on and so on.

Then I remembered something somebody told me a few years earlier, and that is, if you really want to manifest something, sing about it. Pretty much at that precise moment, a melody popped into my head and a song was born!

This led to my fourth idea which was to record the song and e-mail it to everybody. I could envision seven billion people singing this song, manifesting peace, love and joy! Frantic that I would forget the melody, I kept singing it over and over in my head hoping I would still remember it when I got to Vancouver. To make things more interesting, while I was repeating the song, I remembered an interview with KD Lang where she talked about coming up with an idea for a song, then rushing to the recording studio as fast as possible so as not to forget the melody.  Fortunately, I didn’t get the two songs mixed up and when I arrived at the Vancouver Airport, I found a phone and called Cynthia Long. Cynthia as a singer and songwriter with a home recording studio. I sang the song over the phone while she recorded it and I was in business.

When I arrived back home after my trip, Cynthia and I finished the recording but I never did get around to e-mailing to everybody [mostly because I was afraid people would think it was a stupid idea]. Now, with things being far worse on the planet than they were in 2009 [there are conflicts in Syria, Sudan and Ukraine, among other things] and my health being somewhat worse as well, I figure it’s time to go for it.

So here it is. If you like the song or the idea [hopefully both] please feel free to e-mail it, facebook it or twitter it, to your friends. Maybe we can accomplish something that was so dear to Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., John Lennon and Nelson Mandela, and that is, make this a better place to live. A place where we all experience peace, love and joy!

Peace, Love and Joy!

Oh yes, about that encounter with a Buddhist monk. After finishing reading A Long Way Gone, I started reading Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss. It’s a book about discovering your purpose in life. One afternoon, I was reading the book while sitting in front of Jenna’s apartment building waiting for her to come home from work. I had just finished reading the section about the Buddha’s sacred contract when I looked up and standing there looking at me with a big grin on his face was a Buddhist monk. I nearly fell off the bench I was sitting on. He came over and sat down beside me and we carried on a conversation for about ten minutes [despite the fact that he spoke very little English and I spoke absolutely no Korean]. It was an extraordinary moment!

Have an awesomely extraordinary day!


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