The Surprise Wedding … Why I Could Never Be A Cop!

sherlock holmesMy father was a cop. Two of my brothers were cops. An uncle, a brother in law and two cousins were cops. Me, I could never be a cop!

Why? Let me explain!

Last night, I went to my eldest daughter’s [Jenna] ‘surprise’ engagement party. It was being hosted by my other daughter [Tahni] and my son [Chris]. When we arrived at the hall Chris ushered us to a side room where a group of people had gathered. Having no idea what was going on I walked over and stood beside Tahni. We were told an announcement was about to be made. Then I heard, “We’re getting married tonight.” At which point I realized, “My goodness, it’s Jenna and Doug!” This wasn’t a surprise engagement party, it was a surprise wedding! [I was immediately overcome by emotion, but that’s another story!]

It was the classic reverse surprise. The stingers were being stung. We thought we were there to surprise Jenna and Doug, but as it turned out, they were surprising us!

Their sting operation involved some wily accomplices. Namely, Chris, Tahni and Mari, who had me running around for the better part of two days buying new shoes and dress clothing … for the surprise engagement party … ehem! Apparently, I needed to be appropriately dressed in order to walk Jenna down the aisle! And here I thought Mari was just being overly fussy!

Reflecting back later on the evening I couldn’t help but think how a veteran police detective likely would have realized that something was amiss. Certain things just didn’t quite add up.

Clue number one, the surprise engagement party. It was scheduled a full year in advance of the anticipated wedding.

Clue number two, the wedding date. There was no date. The wedding hadn’t been scheduled yet.

Clue number three, the wedding dress. Jenna took her dress to Mari’s to be altered three weeks ago … a full year before the proposed wedding! Hmmmm!

Clue number four, my new shoes. I was planning to attend the surprise engagement party wearing casual pants, my old shoes and a plaid summer shirt. But somebody insisted [Mari] that this just wasn’t appropriate, so off to the mall we went.

I’m sure if Sherlock Holmes had been presented with these facts he would easily have figured it out. Not me though. I was pretty much completely oblivious, preoccupied as I have been on other matters!

And that’s why I’m not a cop … and could never be a cop!

Despite my [and everyone else’s] shortcomings in the sleuthing department, it was a fantastic evening. Jenna looked beautiful, Doug was awesome, Chris and Tahni were amazing, the ceremony was beautiful, I was dressed to the nines and it was a raucous party afterwards.

This leads us to the true moral of this story which has nothing to do with being a cop or not a cop. Rather, it is this. If you’re ever invited to a surprise engagement party … GO … because you might just enjoyΒ a wedding!

Jenna and Doug

Have a surprisingly awesome day!


13 comments on “The Surprise Wedding … Why I Could Never Be A Cop!

  1. Congratulations to your Daughter, her new husband and to the very surprised and proud Father of the Bride!
    My feelings on this, “why make a public notice of a private intention”! Good for her! It is her day and what a great way to have some relative calm and surprise everybody!


  2. Congratulations Fred. They look like and “amazingly” happy couple. They are certainly lucky to have you as dad! I think your mom was shining. Will send a copy to Aunt Marion. We are all so happy for you.

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