My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 69 … Processing and releasing fear

face fearHow naive I was to think that once I released anger [I say this, tongue in cheek], I would begin to enjoy relief from the symptoms I experience; like trembling, shuffle walking and loss of strength and mobility. After all, anger is thought to be in inflammatory emotion and Parkinson’s is considered to be an inflammatory condition. The connection seemed a certainty. Little did I know that releasing anger was only meant to get me to the point where I could access fear, which I’ve discovered [at least for me, this is what I believe] is at the root of PD.

For the past month and a half I have been processing and releasing fear and it has been quite an experience. I said recently to Mari, ” Thank God I understand what is going on, because I don’t know how people who don’t understand the connection between fear and PD are managing on a day to day basis.” [Actually, I think I do know how people are coping. They take medication. I don’t know how else they could do it!]

Every day is an adventure [an optimistic way to describe what is really going on] of anxiety, terrifying thoughts, tension and trembling. I’m constantly reminding myself that these symptoms are simply manifestations of the fear I’m in the process of releasing.

If I didn’t understand the role of fear, I would likely have to be heavily medicated. Otherwise, I’m sure I would lose my mind … literally! Several times a day, particularly when I’m experiencing anxiety [it actually feels more like panic], I repeat the following:

“Hello fear. You are welcome to come up and leave my body. I’m not afraid of you. I’m not scared. You can’t hurt me. In fact, you’re not even real. You are a product of my thoughts. A figment of my imagination. Mostly the thoughts and imagination of a child who didn’t know better and who was never told the truth. That fear isn’t real. At least, not the fear I’ve been holding on to. So, begone fear.”

I also repeat my healing prayer whenever I’m experiencing a specific symptom [such as trembling or tension]. It goes like this:

” Thank you God I Am for neutralizing the energetic frequency, healing and releasing from my body and my being, all of the fear, anger and unresolved emotional energy at the root of the trembling [or tension, etc.] that I’m experiencing, and I thank you God for this healing and I thank you God for increasing effectiveness is healing by 100 times or more.”

I believe fear is the ultimate challenge I’m meant to overcome. I have a choice. I can lay hostage to my fears or I can face them. It’s up to me.

In a recent interview, actress Jenny McCarthy, spoke about having to face her fears, including the fear of public speaking [hard to believe given that she’s a successful actress and TV personality]. It gives me comfort knowing that I’m not alone in this endeavor.

Last year, I made up a list of the goals I wanted to achieve. At the top of the list, I wrote, ‘achieve peace of mind.’ It’s not surprising then that releasing fear has become my primary preoccupation, because how can I have peace of mind when I’m holding on to fear? I can’t!

And so, emboldened by this awareness I’m tackling fear with a vengeance, confident that as I face it and release it from my body, I will begin to heal and the symptoms I’m experiencing will indeed go away!

Have an awesomely fearless day!


4 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 69 … Processing and releasing fear

  1. I think that fear is at the root of everything negative in the world and in ourselves. I admire your strong warrior self and will remember your struggle and growth when I’m next injured, sick, and afraid.. All we can conquer is our own selves, and I’m finding that acceptance of what is, without attempting to change it immediately, is currently helping me see more clearly and be happier. Parkinson’s is certainly giving you a master course in all that. Lots of love and warm respect coming your way.

    • I agree Anne, and the interesting [and crazy] thing about fear is that it’s not real. The fear we hold onto is just a thought. It amazes me how much our thoughts work against us!

      Thank you for your very encouraging words. It helps me a lot and I appreciate it enormously!

      Have an awesome day!

  2. hey fred . . so cool reading your last post. i’m right behind you on the fear thing. someone close to me has been living with parkinsons for the past 15 years . . its totally obvious to me where it all began . . and yes so much anger and fear involved in the situation. i only wish she was as open as you are to look at options other than medication but the disease has steadily worsened over the years and it seems she has gone beyond the point of no return now. its been a diificult process to watch. but we’re all where we are on the path and sadly she is where she is. i’m sure you’ve heard it said that there are only 2 real emotions . . love and fear . . both at the opposite ends of a continuum. and that everything we feel stems from one or the other. . . i beleive fear itself will kill us if we let it take hold. when i’m feeling fearful i do whatever i can to move back towards love . . just moving slowly one emotion at a time back towards a better feeling place . . do you know about the teachings of abraham hicks? if not theres screeds of stuff on youtube. i love technology!!
    be well my friend

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words Zazeel! I’m sorry to hear about your friend but it’s not too late for her, if she is willing to try a new approach and work on detoxing her body and letting go of fear and her emotional pain. She can do it while she’s on her meds.

      I am familiar with the love – fear duality and I’m very familiar with Abraham Hicks.

      Have an awesome day!

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