My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 59 … The serenity of morning time!

dogI really enjoy lying in bed first thing in the morning. It is my sanctuary time. The time of day when there is no trembling, no shuffle walking, no dealing with loss of balance and no issues with loss of mobility and dexterity [no struggling with small tasks like doing up zippers]. Although I’m finding it more difficult to lay comfortably, it is still a time of relative peace … and I love it!

I find myself lying in bed for as long as I can, usually driven from my sanctuary by the call of nature. But that’s okay because it’s time for me to get my day started with my morning walk … another part of the day I dearly love.

The primary goal of those who are experiencing Parkinson’s is to be free of symptoms and those moments when it happens are cherished. We hold onto them dearly for as long as we can. These are our moments of peace. The times when we feel free.

There are other times when I’m free of symptoms, like at bedtime and when I’m doing Qigong. I cherish these moments too. Actually, I try to enjoy every moment of my day, even when I’m experiencing symptoms. I think this is the healthiest attitude to adopt and it encourages me to practice living in the present moment, although I don’t mind telling you, it can be a challenge.

Lately, it has become a bigger challenge than I imagined, thanks to the detox diet I’m on. Detoxing worsens symptoms as the body rids itself of toxins, and the symptoms I’m experiencing have become quite severe. It truly has been a challenge, especially mentally, but I have my morning time to take a vacation [to experience some peace] and for this I’m grateful.

Have an awesomely serene day!


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