My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 58 … Experiencing Peace with Parkinson’s!

peaceIn the first book I wrote, The History Teacher, I talked about what I believe, deep down, people really want; peace, love and joy. But it is hard to experience peace when you’re living with a chronic health condition. No matter how much you occupy your time with other things, it is ever present in your mind. And therein lies the number one challenge in living with Parkinson’s … controlling your thoughts!

I wouldn’t describe what goes on in my mind as a battle, although it sometimes feels like it. It is more of a case of being vigilante that I’m not falling into a negative thought pattern [aka. stress and worry], because it seems as though the mind always wants to go there.

In my experience, the way to minimize negative thinking in order to enjoy peace in the face of adversity is to do the following:

  1. Live in the present moment,
  2. Accept the present circumstances,
  3. Do your best not to think about your condition or dwell on your symptoms … this may be easier said than done but it’s extremely important,
  4. Trust that everything is unfolding in your life the way it is meant to and no matter how it unfolds you’ll be okay, and
  5. Remember that every negative thing that was said or done to you in the past [such as being told, ‘you’re a bad boy’] is false because it was said or done by somebody who was unconscious and didn’t feel good about themselves, and therefore, the negative beliefs you developed about yourself and emotional pain you hung on to were false as well.

The Buddha talked about how our thoughts are the root of our suffering. Our bodies can experience illness and pain but it’s our minds that cause us to suffer. I made a declaration to myself that while Parkinson’s may control my body, only I control my mind and I choose to think positively. I remind myself that I’m not experiencing a disease per say, but rather that my body chemistry is out of order, So this is what I need to focus on, correcting my body chemistry. It gives me more of a feeling of being in charge. It helps me create peace!

Have an awesomely peaceful day!


4 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 58 … Experiencing Peace with Parkinson’s!

  1. Thank you Fred! I’m re-posting this because you have beautifully described what we have to all do to find inner peace. Have a loving and lovely day. Lots of love from New Zealand on a balmy blue Autumn afternoon.

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