My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 56 … How to rewrite your past!

back to the futureIn the movie Back to the Future, Marty McFly, played by Michael J Fox, changed the present by changing the past. If you are experiencing some form of dis-ease in your life, you can do the same. Be it physical, mental or emotional illness, or financial, career or relationship difficulties, you can change the experience by rewriting your history.

To reiterate what I discussed in my last blog, everything that has happened in our lives up until now has helped shape our present circumstances, including whatever discord we are experiencing [like Parkinson’s]. The discord happened, in part, because we failed to let go of the negative emotions and faulty beliefs that certain experiences caused. Maybe we experienced abuse.  Maybe we were bullied.  Maybe we were abandoned.  Maybe we experienced harsh punishment.  Maybe we wore glasses.  Maybe we were overweight.  Maybe we grew up in poverty.  Whatever it was, these experiences caused us to feel specific negative emotions.

And why did we experience these negative emotions? Because of our thoughts. Perhaps because we were abused or abandoned or harshly punished, we thought we were unloved and we felt sadness.  Perhaps because we were overweight or wore glasses we thought we were inferior and we felt shame.

Our thoughts betrayed us in many ways. We experienced guilt because we thought we did something bad. We experienced shame because we thought we did something really bad. We experienced self loathing because we failed to accomplish something very important to us. We experienced bitterness because somebody mistreated us and didn’t apologize. We experienced jealousy because somebody had something we didn’t. We experienced fear and powerlessness because we thought something bad was going to happen to us and we couldn’t stop it. Not only did we experience these negative emotions but we held onto them because nobody taught us how to let them go. In fact, quite often, we were shamed into holding onto them.

How then do we rewrite our history? The answer is simple. Change our thinking. And how do we do this? As I said in my previous post, imagine how different things would’ve been if everybody who mistreated us [particularly our parents] had admitted that they were wrong and apologized to us. We would likely have let go of all of our emotional pain long ago. But they didn’t and they don’t have to do it now either.  Nor do we have to ask God to do it for us.  We can do it ourselves.

Imagine two scenarios. In the first scenario, a young child sees a snake for the first time. This snake is being held by a special snake handler. The snake is calm and the child sees how gentle it is. The snake handler informs the child that the snake only bites when it is hungry or feels threatened, just like any other being. The child will likely grow up with a healthy perspective of these creatures. In the second scenario, the young child is walking with his mother. The mother is terrified of snakes. They encounter a snake. The mother starts screaming. She grabs the child’s hand and runs off in a panic. As you can well imagine, the child in the second scenario will likely have an immediate fear of snakes. But imagine if his first experience with a snake had been the same as the first child’s. In other words, his history was rewritten. Like the first child, he would likely have no fear of snakes.

You can change your thinking in a similar way because everyone who has mistreated you or said something inappropriate to you did so because they didn’t feel good about themselves and because they were unconscious [they didn’t understand the truths of our existence] and because they were dealing with their own demons and fears. Therefore, nothing these people said was true, which means all the faulty beliefs you created for yourself, all the emotional pain you held onto and all the anger you have been feeling, is false. So you can let it go and allow yourself to see who you truly are, just like you can see the snake for what it really is … a being like you and me, experiencing life in its own way, only striking when it is hungry or when it is in danger.

You can say to yourself, “I’m an awesome person.” ” I am a loving caring aspect of God.” “All beings are equal.”

You can forgive those who mistreated you because as Jesus said, they know not what they do [or say!]. They were doing the best they could with what they had learned.

In order to change your present, you don’t have to re-experience the past, you simply need to change your perspective on it … that is, how you think about it … and the good news is you don’t need a nutty scientist [Christopher George] or a specially equipped DeLorean in order to rewrite your history.

Have an awesomely present day!


2 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 56 … How to rewrite your past!

  1. Thank you so much for your insights Fred. I’m currently writing similar stuff, but relating it to how families can work with their children. I guess you are reading all the latest stuff about the brain and rewiring it to change so the body heals itself now. Joe Dispenza has some wonderful books that make me laugh a lot with pleasure and help me further change my mind and my actions. I am also loving Buddhist meditation and their writings. Buddhist monks make me laugh a lot too, because they say so many profound and quite mind shaking things so simply that I can see where I am currently stuck, and just have to laugh. When I visited Laos, the last thing a lovely boy monk of about 18 said to me as I left him was, “Be happy!” Lots of love from New Zealand where the sun is shining and the birds are singing,

    • Thank you Anne. Understanding and teaching about the role of unresolved emotional pain in our experience, particularly as it relates to our suffering, has been a passion of mine for a long time.

      Laughter is such a strong medicine, perhaps the best, so awesome to you for finding lots of reasons to laugh.

      Best wishes from Canada, where we’re still waiting patiently for spring to arrive!


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