My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 53 … Parkinson’s Symptoms Worsen When Detoxifying

potIn my last My Journey with Parkinson’s post, I spoke about detoxification, which I believe is the key to healing.  It is what healing really is.  One of the things I discussed, is the issue of worsening of symptoms during detoxification and I would like to expand on this now.

I can assure you from firsthand experience that detoxifying will worsen Parkinson’s symptoms. I have been on an intense detoxification diet since last September and during that time several symptoms have significantly progressed, particularly loss of balance, brain fog, loss of strength and mobility in my left hand, shuffle walk, loss of overall strength and loss of stamina. Interestingly though, there hasn’t been any acceleration in the tremors I experience [perhaps due to Body Stress Relief therapy].

The reason, I believe, symptoms worsen is twofold. First, toxins which had been laying dormant, stored in the fat, are now floating around your system creating more inflammation as they are flushed out and attacked by the white blood cells of your immune system. Second, those same toxins stress your central nervous system causing an adrenalin release which also exacerbates your symptoms, just like being cold or nervous does.

Perhaps an analogy would explain this process. Consider a greasy pot. You begin by pouring hot water into the pot. Then you add soap. At first, the water is clear. Then you begin scrubbing and the water turns murky. Then you dump out the water and repeat the process. The releasing of toxins is akin to the murky water.

I don’t mind telling you that until I understood this process I was quite concerned about the progression of my symptoms.  Now my mind is a little more at ease.

The problem of course is how do you know whether the symptoms you’re experiencing are progressing naturally or the result of detoxing.  The simple answer is, you don’t.  If your neurologist is like mine [with all due respect] he or she will have no experience or understanding of detoxification.  They have been trained to dole out medications.  Also, I haven’t been able to find anyone with direct experience in attempting to heal Parkinson’s through detoxification, so at this point, I’m trusting that I’m doing the right thing based on the general principles of detoxification.  Besides, what have I got to lose by eating healthy foods.

Actually, when you think about it, it doesn’t make any sense that your symptoms would worsen while eating healthy foods. Not unless you recently started experiencing more stress in your life or have had an emotional trauma. Healthy foods, should have the opposite effect. That is to say, they should lessen symptoms. So it is logical that the worsening of symptoms is due to detoxification and not a sudden accelerated progression of the disease.

Before embarking on a detoxification diet I would urge you to do your research and try to hook up with someone, professional or otherwise, who has had experience in detoxing. You can check out the Low Carb, High Fat or the Fans of Dr. Morse facebook groups. They are essentially about detoxing.

Good luck and have an awesomely detoxifying day!


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