God … masculine or feminine!

goddessI wonder what the world look like if we thought of God in the feminine sense.  I imagine it would be quite a different world. I imagine it wouldn’t be quite so aggressive or violent. Probably a lot more nurturing and caring. I think there would be a lot more giving and a lot less taking.

Quite likely, the two things that tend to characterize our present society, money and power, would be replaced by kindness and compassion.  Yes, I imagine there would be a lot less greed and a lot more generosity, less abuse and more friendship …  more helpfulness.

I wonder why we conjured up this notion of God as a masculine being in the first place. Not just masculine, but separate from us as well. Do you suppose it was part of the master plan?  I subscribe to the theory (or belief) that everything happens for a reason.  This being the case, there must be a purpose for this masculine belief … the belief that has contributed to so much suffering on this planet.

Whenever we refer to God, we almost always do so in the masculine tense.  We say him or he, when ‘it’ would be more appropriate.  Because you see, God embodies both the masculine and feminine energies.

But here’s the thing, we don’t really need to think of God in a certain way in order to change the world (although it would help).  We just need to be what we want the world to be.  We just need to be loving, kind, compassionate, caring, forgiving, helpful and nurturing.  As Gandhi said, be the change you want to see in the world!

Have an awesomely feminine day!


4 comments on “God … masculine or feminine!

  1. I’ve wondered the same, Fred. And I am inclined to agree with your perspective. In my mind, those who wrote the bible, commandments, other ‘divine guidance’ all had power and control in mind. I’m sure they were of the masculine gender. And while caring and compassion are often associated with the feminine, I’m unsure the world would be a better place if He were She. There are far too many focused on greed, selfish intentions and having others align with their beliefs to leave much room for simple human decency and civil relationships. I know this sounds cynical but I’ve spent much of my adult life studying and observing mankind (a strange word itself). Thanks for your optimistic and thoughtful post. It was/is encouraging.

  2. A wonderful perspective and coming from a man!
    It is interesting….. we had a female Prime Minister here in Australia for three years and everyone kept bringing up aspects of her being a woman whereas when men are in power they bring up only their attributes of them as leaders.

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